Best Minecraft PC Seeds


Those looking to get into a survival island situation may find this seed particularly interesting. Players will start out on an island that also has a demolished ship. You won’t have a tree to start off with but there’s some resources found within ship along with your other resources on the island such as dirt and of course water. Looking outward there are additional islands which you could venture off to or even connect. Those islands is where you’ll need to explore for even more resources and all-in-all to ensure your survival.



Going off on our previous point, if you’re wanting a survival island experience but a bit more beginner friendly then check this seed out. It also features two deserted shipwrecks and you will have a few more resources and definitely a bigger island to make use of. Additionally the island also has a few livestock available such as pigs and cows so that should really help when keeping your food levels up.



This seed has a double village right next to each other near spawn so you’ll have a great start from the game. There’s a ton of forest land around and a river that goes around the village making this map a bit more serene.


  • -198, 38, -151



Here’s another unique seed for 1.14. In this seed you’ll spawn on an island but what you want to do is look over to the back end of the island for the top of a shipwreck. It’ll be out in the ocean so you’ll need to keep your eyes out for the top posts which holds the sails. Head over that way and go under into the ship. Inside will be loads of resources and goods within the chest along with a treasure map. Venturing out further into the other main islands you’ll find additional shipwrecks and villages.

Main Center Village

  • -761, 84, -895



If you’re wanting to get back into the holidays or simply wanting a winter themed world to dabble in then this is the seed for you. It’s a village and mountain range covered in snow. Best of all you’ll spawn right in the middle of it all.



Another unique looking seed here is this one which is centered around a giant biome. However, what is more interesting is the person who discovered the seed actually found that in the middle of the mountain is a spawner.


373, 104, -700



Here’s a seed with just about everyting you would need from temples to woodland mansions. In fact, the discoverer behind the seed listed down all the goods if you care to find out more by following the source below. However, we’ll list down some of the highlights.

Jungle Temple

  • 2182, 75, 295

Desert Temple

  • 534, 72, 374

Ocean Monument

  • 2134, 64, -798

Woodland Mansion

  • 18449, 72, -17439