Best Minecraft PC Seeds


This seed is more about environments and exploration. While we could chart out some interesting aspects to visit, the whole map is well worth checking out. With this seed, players will have access to all of the biomes surrounding the spawn point. It’s rather interesting to see as you van venture from plains, to a savana, desert, or even a jungle. You just have to venture all around to get a good look at everything this seed has to offer.



This seed features a village nearby spawn that is split between a large ravine. It’s a random type of generated world as  there’s even a building that hangs over the large ravine drop.



With this seed, players are spawned on an island that is relatively small. However, you’ll find that in the depths below the water are some resources making it almost out of reach. It’s a tough survival island and one that may give you more of a challenge then the standard survival island maps.



This is a very cool exploration focused seed on Minecraft. In the game you’ll find a typical village but it looks as if something fell right out of the sky and took out a portion of the village and created a massive crater in the side of a mountain. If you’re after something a bit more scenic in your map then we suggest checking out this one. Likewise with the added benefit of the village nearby you’ll be able to get a good starting point in your adventure.



Here’s a new seed found for those interested in a survival island experience. Best of all, you can find a skeleton spawner within a mineshaft under the island.

Skeleton Spawner

  • 1479, 14, 57

Badlands Biome

  • 1600,600

Diamond Ravine

  • 1313,-25
  • 1157,153
  • 1077,414