Video Game Collector’s Editions Gamers Hated

#5 Halo 3

We don’t have to tell you just how popular Halo is. The franchise has been around for years now but it was a big event when Halo 3 finally launched. Not only did gamers received a continuation to the story and a slew of new game modes, but it certainly helped Microsoft move some Xbox 360 units. Naturally, for such a big video game franchise there was going to be plenty of gamers interested in picking up a copy. Not only would there be interest in picking up a copy of a game but there was going to be a need for a collector’s edition.

Bungie developed a collector’s edition that featured a bust of Master Chief’s helmet. It served as a nice display piece but there was one particular flaw to this collector’s edition. While it came with a display helmet that was in good standing order, the video game shipped was not. Apparently, for this collector’s edition, the games were not packaged all that well and quite a few of them managed to get loose. As a result, the discs were pretty banged up and in rough condition leaving Microsoft to issue replacements. This was likely a big disappointment for those wanting to jump into the game right away.

#4 The Witcher 3

The Witcher series has a massive following and its third installment, The Witcher 3 was a hit, but it did come with a less than stellar collector’s edition. Really, there was only one issue with the collector’s edition of the game that gamers had a problem with and that’s the statue, one aspect that most gamers actually buy a collector’s edition for. This statue featured Geralt but some of the statues featured a rather horrible paint job leaving the character looking like a mess. It’s unfortunate for those who got a messed up looking statue and it’s likely CD Projekt Red will have better quality assurance for future game releases.

#3 Saints Row IV

We’re sure you are all familiar with Saint’s Row. It’s a similar franchise to the Grand Theft Auto series but a bit over-the-top in comparison. Naturally, the collector’s edition was the same when it came to the release of Saint’s Row IV. This is an edition that again, we’re sure you are all familiar with. It’s called The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition which would set players back $1,000,000. It was limited to one and it came with a wide range of perks such as first-class flights to Washington DC, a Lamborghini, spy training, to even plastic surgery. As far as we can tell, no one bough the edition of the game.

#2 Overwatch

Overwatch really created a trend of hero-based FPS video games. There was plenty of games coming out shortly after that followed the same type of formula that allowed gamers to join a team of players with a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities. It’s still a highly popular video game to enjoy today, despite the trend being battle royale modes. When Overwatch released, it had a collector’s edition that may have turned a few gamers away. Most collector’s editions come with a figure or statue to prominently display. So when it comes to Overwatch it would be hard to give a large display featuring the whole cast.

Instead of a few characters, Overwatch came with a Soldier 76 statue. We saw plenty of other big characters shown off prior to the video game’s launch but for whatever reason, this is the character chosen. Likewise, the statue was not colored so it can look a bit bland when on a shelve with other collector edition statues.

#1 Fable II

The Fable franchise has certainly a following and we all know about the man behind the franchise, Peter Molyneux. To say the least, Peter has made some big promises in the past and haven’t quite followed through. Some developers have become quite ambitious to their video game titles and even made some claims only for it to not exactly display particular features and designs once released. This is actually quite common with games visuals when they are shown off to the public only for some downgrades once the game hits the marketplace.

However, we’re looking at a video game’s collector’s edition, particularly Fable 2. Like common collector’s editions, Fable 2 was supposed to come with little trinkets, DLC and a figure. However, when the game finally came to fruition the collector’s edition only received a copy of the game and a behind the scenes DVD. Talk about a letdown to those who were hoping for a real display from a favorite video game franchise.