Nintendo Will Not Reveal Any New Hardware During E3 2019

When it comes to the Nintendo Direct during E3 this year, there has been plenty of rumors. The rumors we’re referring to are based around the revisions. The past couple months there have been reports from various publications with claims to sources close to Nintendo that suggest the company has a couple of new models in the works. However, the Nintendo Switch won’t see any revision announcements during this year’s E3 direct despite all the suggests, rumors and speculations that we would be seeing something big.

This announcement came from a financial investors briefing in which the Nintendo president, Shuntaro Furukawa, stated that they have no plans to show off any new hardware during the E3 season. However, there was some interesting news stated during the call as well from the Nintendo president. According to Shuntaro Furukawa, it appears that the company is always working on new hardware so there is definitely something being developed right now over at Nintendo. However, according to the Nintendo president, Nintendo is only showcasing their hardware when they are ready to sell it.

Rumors have suggested that Nintendo had a premium model in the works that would be catered to the more hardcore gamer. We’re imagining that it has an overall bump in performance but again, that’s purely speculation. Likewise, it seems that Nintendo also has a budget-friendly model that would lose out on some of the abilities that the current model offers now, such as removable Joy-Cons. This is apparently the model that would replace the Nintendo 3DS line.

Again, these are purely rumors right now and it looks like none of these will prove to be true quite yet as we’ll at least make it through E3 without these announcements coming up. At any rate, this leaves the E3 Nintendo Direct to be fully focused around the software.


Source: Bloomberg