World War Z: 18 Tips & Tricks To Help You Survive Every Undead Scenario | Beginner’s Guide

World War Z brings back L4D-style zombie-slaying multiplayer, but it’s a very different game. Some aspects are very similar — you’ll fight through abandoned cities, stopping to fight back hordes and dodge special infected. It might sound like a clone, except this game changes the formula in subtle ways you might not expect. There are perks to unlock, classes to level-up, and new tactics to learn.

If you don’t want to get overwhelmed in your first online cooperative experience, check out the tips and tricks listed below. Some of these tips are basics that any veteran L4D players should know — like, you should always crouch when the shooting starts if you’re leading the team. Most, however, are totally unique to WWZ’s brand of zombie infestation. Yes, there are zombie piles that form. Blasting the bottom of the pile will cause the top to topple over. It’s very impressive, and it isn’t the only unique feature this game has to offer.

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Beginner’s Guide | 18 Tips & Tricks


#1. This is an online game, but you can play the entire thing with bots. If you’re looking to practice before jumping online, the bots are pretty effective on lower difficulty levels.

#2. On consoles, press [D-Pad: Up] to mark special infected and alert your team. You can also mark useful items this way.

#3. Form lines and protect your teammates. Don’t strafe around and block your allies — zombies aren’t going to shoot you back, so there’s no need to strafe unless you’re dodging an incoming special.

#4. If you’re leading the group, CROUCH when zombies appear. You don’t have to worry about blocking your team’s view while you’re crouched.

#5. Like in L4D, there is loot everywhere. Don’t sprint through areas. Stop and search for useful items. Items like Breaching Charges are the best, and they always appear in the same (randomized) places once you learn the locations.

#6. Once you unlock a perk tree, you’ll be able to select three perks — one in each column.

#7. Get behind auto-turrets to hack them and turn them against the undead.

#8. The Bull special zombie takes way, way more damage from behind. Aim for the exposed spine to quickly down them. Melee attacks are also very useful.

#9 If you can’t circle around behind a Bull, aim for the riot helmet. If you break the glass mask, you’ll be able to down them with a headshot.

#10. The Hazmat special zombie won’t explode if you get a clean headshot.

#11. The Slasher class unlocks a stungun ability that can temporarily stun every special zombie, even Bulls.

#12. Breaching charges are lifesavers. You can loot them in the environment between zombie encounters, or bring them with classes. Fixers unlock them early at Level 7, and Hellraisers unlock them later at Level 27.

#13. The Exterminator class can unlock a perk, giving them access to a heavy weapon right from the start of the map.

#14. Unlock the Masking Grenade’s lethal ability to absolutely devastate zombie hordes. This is especially useful against zombie pyramids.

#15. At Level 4, the Medic’s Compact SMG can keep a silencer — now you can sneak and shoot your way through zombie infested areas between horde encounters.

#16. Speaking of zombie pyramids — aim at the bottom of the zombie pyramid, and the pyramid will crumble.

#17. Don’t risk higher difficulties until you’ve leveled up. Completing the game on Normal will help you reach about Level 16 — move up to Hard, and so on. Repeat and rinse to unlock extra skills for each class.

#18. Playing online, and with a team, the best missions to replay on repeat are in Episode 2: Jerusalem. These three missions are the shortest with a well-equipped and experienced team. If you’re looking to grind, this is a good place to start. It takes about 52~ minutes to complete all three chapters of this episode.