Former Valve Employee Is Pro Epic Games Store Exclusives

When it comes to PC gaming as of late there has been a big uproar. It seemed as if the tides had turned against the console wars to PC client battles. On one hand, you have Valve’s Steam, a PC client launcher that has been around for years. It’s been the go-to launcher in most cases to purchase video game titles and enjoy a social experience with friends. However, now that some time has passed and a few other launchers have come up to plate, one clear contender has given Steam some serious competition, Epic Games.

The Epic Games Store has become a big launcher this year and with it comes their attempt to bring in more exclusives to gather gamers towards their launcher. For the most part, Epic Games have reached out and gathered video game launches to be exclusive or a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store but this has caused an outcry from fans that prefer Steam. There’s certainly some incentive for developers to use Epic Games Store to bring out their video game titles such as having to fork over less money to Epic Games in comparison to the percentage Valve takes for using Steam.

One former employee of Valve has chimed in on the latest banter online and is clearly in favor of Epic Games Store. Richard Geldreich used to work for a number of reputable companies such as Valve and SpaceX the former gives a bit more of an interesting viewpoint on the matter. According to Richard, Steam was killing PC gaming as it was a 30% tax on the entire industry and Epic Games would fix this with their storefront.

With Epic Games Store, developers would be able to earn more money to make the video games players enjoy. Richard goes on to give examples of how every client and platform has exclusives and finds it baffling to hear such an uproar over Epic Games having exclusives on their own platform.

Because of Valves high revenue share demands, Richard believes that Valve has become a monster and sitting on a printing press, with developers getting no deals or incentives to release their game outside of Epic Games Store. You can follow the Twitter banter trail within the source below, but what do you think of the latest Epic Games Store vs Valve’s Steam battle? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant