Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How To Earn Skill Points Fast | Easy XP Farming Guide

Skill Points are the XP of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. For every enemy you defeat, you’ll earn Skill Points. Earn enough to fill a meter, and you’ll get a point you can spend on technique scrolls. You won’t level up, get extra HP, or become stronger with Skill Points. It’s just for unlocking new moves — but late in the game, you might want to grind and unlock all the moves you haven’t picked up yet. Here’s the best way to do that.

For this guide, I’ll provide a handful of locations you can farm for easy XP. The best possible place to farm isn’t available until the late game, but there are still other places I’ve farmed for plenty of XP. The most important aspects are how much XP you’ll earn for each defeat, and how close the enemies are to an idol. The trick is the same for all methods; you’ll want to wipe out enemies, preferably with backstabs, then rest at the nearest idol to respawn the enemies. If you’re far away from an idol, just use the Homeward Idol to teleport back to the previous Idol you used.

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How To Earn Skill Points Fast | Easy XP Farming Guide

To farm for XP, you’ll want to find a location that gives good XP from easy-to-defeat enemies, that’s close to an Idol you can continuously refresh and respawn. Below, you’ll find my personal favorite XP farming locations. Use the Homeward Idol to quickly fast-travel back to the Idol if you get too far.

Method #1: Ashina Castle [Late-Game]

The best place to farm for XP that I’ve found is located in Ashina Castle, Upper Tower – Antechamber. You’ll need to trigger the invasion of the castle — purple and red Shinobi will be everywhere, and they all give lots of XP.

From this idol, backstab the closest purple Shinobi, then backstab the Shinobi patrolling the interior walkways over the main shaft of the tower. After defeating this enemy, drop down and defeat the two Shinobi at the front gate. You can lure the Chained Ogre to kill them for you, but I don’t think that’s necessary. Just backstab one and use Puppeteer Ninjitsu. Then you can easily kill the second.

This method gives the most XP by far. You can easily earn 600+ XP per enemy. I was able to farm for 10 Skill Points in about 40 minutes.

Method #2: Sunken Valley [Mid-Game]

The second best area is at the Sunken Valley, Sunken Valley Idol. Teleport here, and you’ll find three musketeer enemies outside the gunfort. These enemies give 120+ XP each, and they’re relatively easy to kill once you get the hang of it. Kill the two easier musketeer, then defeat the cannoneer last. They’re right next to the idol, so you can simply sprint over to the idol and refresh.

If you’re looking for the easiest possible way to farm for XP, you can teleport to the Sunken Valley, Gun Fort idol. Go to the Long-arm Centipede Giraffe mini-boss arena and drop through the floor, then navigate the cave. There’s a room and an optional chamber with 10+ lizards. Equip the Shuriken to kill the lizards in one hit each. If you need to farm and don’t want to think about fighting enemies, this is the easiest spot possible.

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