Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Where To Find All Shinobi Prosthetics | Weapon Locations Guide

Instead of earning new swords, all the extra weapons you get in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are Prosthetic Tools. These special secondary weapons unlock additional strategies in battle, and learning how (and when) to use them will change the way you fight. You can equip any three prosthetic tools at any given time, and swap between them on the fly in a fight. You’ll unlock them very early in the story, and every time you find a special prosthetic upgrade, you’ll want to take it back to the Old Sculptor.

Prosthetic Tools are the main gimmick of Sekiro. Not only do you unlock new tools to use in combat, you can also upgrade these tools. Finding crafting materials will allow you to create more powerful versions of your favorite prosthetics — adding a second swing to your Loaded Axe, or spreading even more firecrackers to scare opponents. Missing even a single Prosthetic sucks, so here’s where to find them all.

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Where To Find All Shinobi Prosthetics | Locations Guide

Shinobi Prosthetics, or Prosthetic Tools, are special secondary weapons you can equip. You can slot three of them into your inventory at any given time — all of them can be upgraded, and these upgrades unlock additional forms / abilities for your tools.

Here, I’ll list how to find all the Prosthetic Tools in the environment. Many of the Prosthetic Tools are upgrade-only, and can be acquired in any order you choose as you progress through the story. Here, we’re focusing on the Prosthetics you can easily miss, or ones that can be purchased.

Loaded Shuriken

  • Location: Found in Ashina Outskirts. Find a dilapidated house with a wall you can crawl into. It’s near the Outskirts Wall – Gate Path idol.

A basic prosthetic tool that is useful for the entire game. Throws a damaging shuriken that’s useful for picking-off enemies at range, or doing a little extra damage to bosses.

Flame Vent

  • Location: Found in a burning fire, near the Estate Path Sculptor Idol in the Hirata Estate area.

Another very useful prosthetic. This launches a burning jet of flame that can engulf enemies. Use a jar of oil to coat enemies in oil, then burn them with the flame vent for an easy combo.

Loaded Axe

  • Location: In Hirata Estate, look for a small garden house interior. Listen for two guards you can eavesdrop to easily spot the location.

Exactly what it sounds like. A powerful, heavy axe that can smash shields. Use it to instantly break the posture of shield-wielding enemies.

Robert’s Firecrackers

  • Location: Sold by Memorial Mob at all of his locations. At the earliest, you’ll find it on a high peak to the left of the path leading to the Chained Ogre in Ashina Outskirts.

One of the best early prosthetics. Robert’s Firecrackers unlocks the Shinobi Firecracker technique. You’ll throw down firecrackers that stun enemies for a moment. Very effective against animals.

Loaded Spear

  • Location: Found in Ashina Reservoir. Obtain the Gatehouse Key from the bridge at Ashina Castle, then unlock the Ashina Reservoir door. Unlock the door to find a chest containing the Loaded Spear material.

The Loaded Spear is exactly what it sounds like. Using it will unleash a spear that stabs forward. Great for hitting opponents and rushing into melee range from afar.

Mist Raven

  • Location: Hidden in the Hirata Estate. Starting from the Bamboo Thicket Slope, jump into the water and swim to a grapple point. Up above, cut through a hidden wall and continue up to find this prosthetic part.

The Mist Raven unlocks a special movement ability. When entering Mist Raven stance, if you’re attacked, you’ll be able to phase-shift to a new location. This teleport-like ability can even phase straight through enemies.

Iron Fortress

  • Location: Sold by a hidden vendor, near the Old Grave Idol. He’ll continue to sell the Iron Fortress Prosthetic in future locations.

The Iron Fortress is a shield that will block incoming ranged attacks. Very, very useful for blocking attacks while trying to clear the Gun Fortress area.


  • Location: In Ashina Castle, from the interior of the fortress, drop down to the bottom floor where you can unlock the front / back door shortcuts. In the first floor area, there’s a chest containing the Sabimaru.

The Sabimaru is an additional blade you can use in conjunction with your primary katana attacks. You can perform a combo, introducing the Sabimaru, which is infused with poison.

Divine Abduction

  • Location: Found near the Sunken Valley, Gun Fort Sculptor Idol.

This strange prosthetic wraps the Wolf with a gust of wind. Using it a second time will spin the target around — they’ll lose line-of-sight with you, and become vulnerable to a backstab deathblow.

Finger Whistle

  • Location: Defeat the Guardian Ape in the Sunken Valley to gain the Slender Finger upgrade tool. Give the Slender Finger to the Old Sculptor to unlock the Finger Whistle Prosthetic.

The whistle will distract guards and draw them closer to your location. Perfect for stealth — you’ll be able to safely pick-off guards by luring them away from populated areas.

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