Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How To Beat Every Boss | Mini-Bosses & Bosses Tips Guide

There are two types of bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. There are major bosses, and mini-bosses. Mini-bosses are often completely optional. Both boss types are special, named enemies that are much harder challenges than standard enemies. Defeating them will drop useful items like Prayer Beads or Memories which will increase your health or attack damage respectively.

Bosses are the main enemies you’ll have to defeat to progress in the game. Some bosses will lock you into an arena, while others allow you to retreat at any given time. All bosses have two ‘Deathblow’ health bars. You’ll need to hit them with two Deathblows to defeat them. This is standard, but some bosses can be defeated with a single deathblow — or can’t be defeated with a deathblow at all.

  • NOTE ON DEATHBLOWS: Many bosses can be attacked from stealth, allowing you to initiate a stealth Deathblow and cut down their health by 50%. You can only do this once. If you retreat and attempt to hide, the boss will fully recover. Initiate the battle after your stealth deathblow and finish the boss in combat.

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Boss: Corrupted Monk

  • Optional?: No
  • Stealthblow?: No
  • Location: Ashina Depths, Mibu Village
  • Loot: Memory: Corrupted Monk, Mibu Breathing Technique

The Corrupted Monk appears at the end of Mibu Village. She is required to defeat, and only has one Deathblow marker. Like other apparition-type bosses, the Corrupted Monk takes very low damage — you’ll want to use Divine Confetti to enhance your weapons. You can also use Snap Seeds to temporarily stun the boss. You can only use them three times max — after three uses, Snap Seeds will not affect the Corrupted Monk.

The Corrupted Monk can be a slow, difficult fight. You’ll likely have to fully damage her vitality to defeat her, as she takes very little Posture damage. She has two primary unblockable Perilous Attacks — a sweep and a thrust. You can jump and jump-counter her sweep, and Mikiri Counter her thrust. She does not have a grapple attack.

Many of her attacks leave her open after she completes a combo. When she floats backwards or performs a spin-attack, you’ll have a short opening to attack. This boss simply requires patience, especially if you don’t use Divine Confetti. You can purchase Divine Confetti from the vendor in the Dilapidated Temple — it seriously makes this battle much easier.