Anthem: Where To Find Titans & Corium | Shield of Dawn Guide

To pad out the story campaign’s length, you’ll have to complete two inane sets of challenges in Anthem — the first are “Tombs” challenges, which you’ll run into a handful of hours into the game. Later, you’ll have a second set of “Shield of Dawn” challenges to complete before you can face off against the final boss. The second set of challenges is, at the very least, a shorter list. Really, the only important challenges you need to complete involve finding Titans, and finding Corium.

If you’re struggling with either of those challenges, or just need a helping hand or a guiding voice to show you the way through another frustrating quest in Anthem, we’ve got the video for you. Learn about the ins-and-outs of this quest, where to find those Titan mini-bosses, and where to find Corium resources. It’s a quick, straightforward explanation that gets to the heart of the matter pretty quickly.

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Like Destiny, The Division, and other action-RPGs in the always-online semi-MMO genre, the game is all about grinding for bigger and better loot. You start with low level loot, and end the game with high level loot. To change things up, Anthem includes gear slots that actually give you new special skills to use. Weapons and armor pieces aren’t the only items you’ll find in this sci-fi / fantasy mash-up. As a pilot, you’ll zip around the lush environment in your Iron Man suit, landing to exchange gunfire with swarms of alien enemies.

The “Tomb” challenges are a contentious addition to Anthem’s loot-and-shoot formula. What makes these challenges so bad? You’re essentially asked to stop everything and complete checklists of random tasks before you can continue the story. Tasks like earning headshots, collecting treasure chests, and reviving allies — tasks with absolutely no in-store explanation. Rightfully so, it’s made many players pretty annoyed, even if Bioware is promising fixies in the near future. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, check out the video above for tips to complete one of these almost-end-game challenges.