Far Cry New Dawn: Where To Find Joseph Seed | Locations Guide

Far Cry 5 was a big hit and with the game, you had a hipster religious leader who was the main source of torture as well as disdain from the people of Hope County. Within the game, players took on the role of Deputy Rook and was tasked with bringing the cult leader in but as you know things don’t go according to plan. Throughout the entire game, players are working their way to locating and arresting Joseph Seed but yet another set of twisted events at the end leaves Joseph Seed alive and free to potentially make an appearance in a future installment. Now that Far Cry New Dawn is available we can confirm that the game does feature Joseph Seed once again and you can meet him early into the start of the title.


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To meet Joseph Seed players will need to head where Far Cry 5 first started and ended which is on Dutch’s island located in the middle of the map. Unfortunately, this is just a hallucination of Joseph and not the actual antagonist, but it’s still a fun meeting regardless.

Despite not meeting the real Joseph Seed you do come across him later within the game. All you need to do is progress the story as the next meeting will be within a campaign mission. Regardless, when you’re on the island you’ll actually end up triggering a mission where you must recover Joseph’s word. From there you can meet up with the cult group and join with them for a series of missions.

Again, this won’t be the final time you meet Joseph so it’s best to keep pushing through which seems to be a bit easier this time around compared to the game length of Far Cry 5. Far Cry New Dawn can be picked up right now for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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