Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – All SAM Site Locations | Mission 10 Transfer Orders Guide

Some of the missions in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown are very, very difficult. When you’re not weaving through narrow canyons, you’ll have to shoot down wings of fighters and bomb ground targets until you’ve hit a high point quota. Those are the easier missions, too — here, we’re talking about an annoying escort mission with enemies that don’t pop up on your radar. Here’s a quick guide for Mission 10: Transfer Orders, complete with a map showing all the SAM Site locations. Let me explain.

In Mission 10: Transfer Orders, you must protect your boss as he flies to an airfield. Before he can get there, you’ll need to track down nine anti-air missile launcher sites and destroy them before they shoot your ally down. But, these SAM Sites don’t appear on your map until you visually locate them by following the streaking missile smoke in the sky. There’s just one problem — the sky is cloudy, so it isn’t exactly easy spotting those SAM Sites. If you’re having trouble with this mission, check out the map below and get some of our tips to secure victory.

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All SAM Site Locations | Mission 10 Transfer Orders Guide

See those nine white dots? Those are all nine SAM sites.

In Mission 10: Transfer Orders, you’ll need to defend a slow-moving transport plane from SAM sites and enemy fighters. To do that, equip a fast-moving plane and bring anti-air special weapons to deal with bandits. Enemy fighters are the most dangerous threat in the mission, so destroying them quickly is important. Here’s how I cleared the mission.

  • Start by flying straight ahead and destroying the easternmost SAM sites, swiveling around and clearing the west SAMs in preparation for a wing of bandits to appear in the west. Regular missiles are enough to easily clear the SAMs. If there are AA Guns and SAMs, only destroy the SAMs. The AA Guns are harmless.
  • Focus on spotting and destroying all nine SAM sites. If you’re fast, you can destroy them all while you’re heading out west toward the first wave of enemy jet fighters that appear. Always prioritize the bandits over SAM sites — if they’re getting close to your ally, break away from the SAM search and destroy those bandits ASAP.
  • Use the map above to easily spot and destroy all nine SAM sites. By quickly destroying all the SAMs, you’ll also get a named Ace Pilot to spawn on the map. Destroying the Ace will earn you a special fighter skin.