Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – Best Ways To Farm MRP | Easy Cash Guide

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown includes a new system called the Aircraft Tree. From here, you’ll be able to unlock new aircraft and upgrade parts for a cost, and you’ll never be able to unlock everything in a single playthrough of the campaign. There are just way too many fighters, parts, and special weapons to earn. If you want everything, you’re going to have to farm for MRP — the game’s special form of in-game currency.

MRP is earned for completing missions or playing multiplayer sessions. You’ll continue to earn MRP, even when you replay missions you’ve completed before. If you’re looking to finish everything, you’ll probably want to bump up the difficulty on Free Play and hunt down the 24 optional Aces. Even if you’ve done all that, you’ll still need to earn MRP. Here’s how to start farming.

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Best Ways To Farm MRP | Easy Cash Guide


MRP is the in-game currency you earn for completing campaign missions or playing in multiplayer matches. The in-game currency is used to unlock new airplanes and parts for you to use in multiplayer or in the campaign — some parts can be used in both modes, while others are unique to their specific mode.

To earn lots of MRP fast, you’ll have two options. You can dive into multiplayer, or try replaying missions in Free Play.

  • Method #1: Multiplayer
    • Multiplayer is the fastest method for earning MRP. Even if you’re the worst player in a session, you’ll still earn about 70k per completion.
    • It only takes a few minutes, and you don’t even need to be good at the game.
  • Method #2: Free Play
    • If you don’t like playing multiplayer to farm for MRP, you can replay campaign missions in Free Play.
    • Missions that give the good MRP include: Farbanti, and the Fleet Destruction mission.
    • Mission 19 is long, but gives you a huge amount of MRP for completion.

I recommend brute-forcing through the central upgrade path and unlocking the F22 Raptor as early as possible. The F22 Raptor is the best all-around fighter in the game, with incredibly useful special weapons you can equip to make any mission a breeze. Don’t bother unlocking anything else until you get the F22 — then you can go back and fill in the rest of your unlocks.