Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Open The Padlocks & Safe | Secret Codes

The Resident Evil 2 remake doesn’t just change how you’ll play this classic survival horror game, it also adds new locks for you to solve. Some of these locks appear in the 1-Shot demo, available for just 30 minutes of playtime. It takes a little figuring out, but these locks can be opened — and they’re all easy to miss. The padlocks are opened with Easter egg passcodes, while the safe requires a little more finesse. If you’re not a safe cracker, we’ve got the full explanation below.

There’s a new item that’s very, very useful in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Small pouches are permanent upgrades to your inventory, allowing you to carry more than just eight items at a time. The original Resident Evil also featured a one-time pouch upgrade that was shared between the two main characters. Only one of them could grab the upgrade. Everything is different in this version of the game. Now you’ll be able to find multiple inventory upgrades — there are two you can find in the 1-Shot demo alone.

How To Open The Padlocks & Safe | Secret Codes

All of the following are completely optional. They may or may not be the same solutions in the full game as the demo — I’ll check on Jan 25th to confirm! The safe contains a useful small pouch upgrade that gives Leon +2 inventory spaces.

  • Padlock #1: 2F Showers
    • Code: B I O
  • Padlock #2: 3F Stairs
    • Code: R E S
  • Safe: 1F West Office
    • Code: 9 Left, 15 Right, 7 Left

There is no way to solve these padlocks / safes in-game. You’ll just have to guess the codes and try your best. You can also find extra free items in the police station armory. Check the lockers, and type the locker number into the keypad to unlock each cell. Some of these cells also contain useful items, like another small pouch upgrade, shotgun ammo, and a roll of unprocessed film.