Return of the Obra Dinn: All Crewmember Names & Fates | 100% Completion Guide

Untangle the nautical mystery of Return of the Obra Dinn with our quick-reference crew manifest, with all crew names and fates listed in order — just like the crew list you’ll find in-game. In this seabound puzzler, you’ll investigate why the cargo ship, the Obra Dinn, has returned with nothing but dead bodies onboard. The entire crew has disappeared, with remains scattered across the long-lost vessel.

Using a mystical compass, you’ll be able to revisit the moment-of-death for any bodies you find. Using sparse information, you’ll have to deduce what happened to every crewmember. You’ll need to identify two things about each character from the job list: what their name is, and their fate. Once you discover three correct answers, the game will lock the answers into place, and you’ll be able to slowly whittle down solutions to figure out what happened to everyone.

There isn’t a whole lot of information to go by. You’ll need to pay close attention to scenes, study locations, check your ship map, look-up nationalities, and use plenty of common-sense to solve this twisted tale of tragedy on the open sea. If you’re ever stuck, we’ve provided a full list of crewmember names and fates for you to browse below — if you want to jump to a certain crewmember, press [CTRL+F] and search for the job.

All Crewmember Names & Fates | 100% Completion Guide


NOTE: Some crewmembers have alternate fates. Their identities are always the same, but multiple answers can be accepted for their fate.

The following crewmember occupations and fates can be set in your book. Open the book, and go to the crew manifest. All crewmembers appear here in the same order as in the book. You’ll need to unlock every memory and watch every chapter to be able to write down the fate of the crew.

  1. Captain: Robert Witterel, suicide with a gun
  2. First Mate: William Hoscut, shot with a gun by Robert Witterel
  3. Second Mate: Edward Nichols, shot with a gun by Chioh Tan
  4. Third Mate: Martin Perrot, spiked by a beast
  5. Fourth Mate: John Davies, clubbed by Henry Brennan
  6. Bosun: Alfred Klestil, torn apart by a beast
  7. Bosun’s Mate: Charles Miner, drowned by a beast
  8. Surgeon: Henry Evans, alive in Africa
  9. Surgeon’s Mate: James Wallace, clawed by a beast
  10. Carpenter: Winston Smith, speared by a beast
  11. Carpenter’s Mate: Marcus Gibbs, spiked by a beast
  12. Cook: Thomas Sefton, struck by a tail
  13. Butcher: Emil O’Farrell, spiked by a beast
  14. Gunner: Christian Wollf, shot with a cannon by a beast
  15. Gunner’s Mate: Olus Wiater, shot with a gun by John Davies
  16. Purser: Duncan McKay, drowned by a beast
  17. Helmsman: Finley Dalton, drowned by a beast
  18. Artist: Edward Spratt, crushed by a beast
  19. Passenger: Abigail Hoscutt Witterel, crushed by rigging
  20. Passenger: Nunzio Pasqua, knifed by Edward Nichols
  21. Passenger: Emily Jackson, alive in Africa
  22. Passenger: Miss Jane Bird, alive in Africa
  23. Passenger: Bun-Lam-Lim, strangled by a beast
  24. Passenger: It-Beng Sia, burned to death
  25. Passenger: Chioh Tan, spiked by a beast
  26. Passenger: Hok-Seng Lau, shot with a gun by Henry Brennan
  27. Ship’s Steward: Zungi Sathi, shot with a gun by Charles Miner
  28. Captain’s Steward: Fillip Dahl, burned to death
  29. First Mate’s Steward: Paul Moss, killed with a sword by Leonid Volkov
  30. Second Mate’s Steward: Samuel Galligan, knifed by It-Beng Sia
  31. Third Mate’s Steward: Roderick Andersen, crushed by a cannon
  32. Fourth Mate’s Steward: Davey James, alive in Africa
  33. Midshipman: Peter Milroy, exploded
  34. Midshipman: Thomas Lanke, knifed by Olus Wiater
  35. Midshipman: Charles Hershtik, burned to death
  36. Topman: Omid Gul, drowned by a beast
  37. Topman: Timothy Butement, shot with a gun by Edward Nichols
  38. Topman: Huang Li, electrocuted
  39. Topman: Jie Zhang, clawed by a beast
  40. Topman: Li Hong, speared by a beast
  41. Topman: Wei Lee, drowned by a beast
  42. Topman: Nicholas Botterill, speared by a beast
  43. Topman: Maba, torn apart by a beast
  44. Topman: Lewis Walker, clubbed by Robert Witterel
  45. Topman: Leonid Volkov, shot with a gun by Emily Jackson
  46. Seaman: Alarcus Nikishin, drowned by a beast
  47. Seaman: Aleksei Toporov, drowned by a beast
  48. Seaman: Nathan Peters, drowned by a beast
  49. Seaman: Lars Linder, clubbed by Nathan Peters
  50. Seaman: John Naples, torn apart by Fillip Dahl
  51. Seaman: Renfred Rajub, illness
  52. Seaman: Abraham Akbar, crushed by a beast
  53. Seaman: William Wasim, crushed by cargo
  54. Seaman: Solomon Syed, illness
  55. Seaman: Hamadou Diom, spiked by a beast
  56. Seaman: Henry Brennan, knifed by Robert Witterel
  57. Seaman: Alexander Booth, drowned by a beast
  58. Seaman: Patrick O’Hagan, speared by a beast
  59. Seaman: George Shirley, shot with a cannon by the beast
  60. Seaman: Samuel Peters, crushed by cargo