How You Can Easily See Every Ending & Scene In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Without Flowcharts

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a unique experiment on Netflix — it isn’t just a movie, it is an interactive experience. As you watch, you’ll be given choices that branch the narrative at each fork. Some of the changes are subtle, while others are major, and the creators claim that there are insane golden Easter eggs to discover if you make the exact correct choices.

There are so many choices that lead to so many endings, the interactive experience comments on the idea of choice itself. Do we have any real choice? Is choice essentially meaningless if you just repeat the same mistakes over and over anyway? There might be some validity to the argument, because there’s a secret feature hidden away in this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure narrative — the choices really don’t matter at all.

That’s right. You don’t have to choose anything, and that’s the most efficient way to watch every single ending in order. Players report that ignoring the choices gives you the most straightforward path through the story — instead of random selections, it actually makes the selections in order, going down the list and changing in a mostly logical way.

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Let me reiterate that. If you don’t choose either option, you’ll automatically play through each option, in order, from beginning to end. We’ve given it a try, and it seems to work — it takes you through at least all 5 endings. We haven’t tried beyond that, because this path takes a little bit of patience.  It might not lead to every single Easter egg and exotic secret, but it does takes you on a fairly straightforward trip through the entire experience. If you’re afraid of missing something, and don’t want to risk making the same bad mistakes, or just can’t keep track, just let the game play itself.

There are plenty of Easter eggs to discover, too. You can actually play one of the games featured in the film by visiting a Tuckersoft website here. There are most complicated hidden rewards too, like a strange noise that can be translated into an image when the code is run through a ZX Spectrum. That’s pretty insane, so the true “Golden Easter Egg” might still be out there, just waiting for us to discover it.