Play A Real Version Of A Game Featured In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | Easter Egg Guide

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a twisty Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ‘interactive movie’ you can check out on Netflix right now, and fans are tearing apart the internet, trying to learn anything and everything they can about this surprisingly complex little experiment from the streaming giant. Bandersnatch is all about a game development team in the ’80s, and many of the fictional company’s games get onscreen appearances — including one game you can play yourself.

Seen briefly in the episode, you can catch a glimpse of a game called Nohzdyve for the ZX Spectrum — and if you have a ZX Spectrum emulator, you can play this mini-game yourself. It all started when fans discovered the Tuckersoft website here — there are entries for many of the fictional company’s past games, including references to previous Black Mirror episodes like Metl Hedd, Nohzdyve, and Pig in a Poke.

Nohzdyve is the best of the bunch because you can download and play it right here. Like it says on the site, you’ll need a ZX Spectrum emulator to play the file. Fuse is one of the more popular emulators you can pick up.

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Nohzdyve is literally about a nose-dive; you play as a little pixel man, falling from a building and avoiding obstacles. The goal is to collect eyeballs as you drop — it’s simple, but you might find yourself playing it for awhile if you’re into those old-school arcade-style retro games.

The biggest question still remains — is the title game available to play? Bandersnatch does have a page on the Tuckersoft website, but clicking through the link just sends you straight to Netflix. Fans are still speculating whether there are more Easter eggs. There’s nothing out there yet, but anything is possible.

Some fans believe the strange sounds following the Spider ending can be translated into a message — maybe even another puzzle piece leading to the full Bandersnatch game. Personally, I think that’s pretty far-fetched. But, I think we’ll absolutely see a version of this retro creepy-pasta come to life in the near future thanks to enterprising fans.