Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Sink Or Swim? How Every Character Reacts To Water

The level of detail in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is pretty insane — not only are there tons of characters from a variety of different franchises, but they’re also made to be as accurate as possible to their previous adventures. Hence, a few of your favorite characters might be terrible swimmers.

Normally, water is a pretty bad place in old-school video games. Instead of swimming, water used to just lead to an instant bottomless pit-style death. That isn’t always the case anymore, and none of the fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just instantly sink. Nope, instead, they’ll take damage while struggling in the water.

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How Every Character Reacts To Water

There are a handful of character that just can’t swim, like, at all in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Instead of floating like normal, they’ll thrash around and slowly take damage until you jump back out. Everyone else can safely swim, except the following:

  • The Anti-Swimmers List:
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Inkling
    • Charizard
    • Incineroar

Sonic’s thrashing is probably a side-effect of his creation. Originally, Sonic couldn’t swim. It wasn’t until future sequels that Sonic gained the air-bubble — and even then, Sonic still sinks like a log in several of the 3D-action platformers he starred in later.

The Inklings are in the same boat. Made of ink, they immediately dissipate in deep water. And it only makes sense that the fire-based Pok√©mon Charizard and Incineroar can’t stand water. It puts out all their flames!

It’s a tiny annoyance if you’re a super-fan of any of these characters, but it’s also a fun little detail that’s pretty easy to miss. We’ll be on the lookout for many, many more tiny tidbits and details as we continue coverage of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate here on Gameranx.

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