Just Cause 4: Where To Find The Highest Point | ‘Where I Belong’ Guide

In the long-running tradition of open-world games with tall, tall points of interest, Just Cause 4 tasks Rico’s from all around the world to find the tallest point on Solis. Doing so will earn you the ‘Where I Belong‘ achievement / trophy, and another addition to the tallest-point pantheon of gaming.

This is a pretty straightforward accolade, so let’s talk about all the other notable games with tall, tall peaks. Just Cause 3 had it’s own ‘Top of the World’ achievement / trophy, so this just continues the trend — Just Cause 2 did too, naturally. In Spider-Man (2018), you had to jump from the highest tower in a fictional New York City to unlock the “Heroes for Higher” trophy. Then there are the highest-point adjacent achievements, like gliding for a long time in Batman: Arkham City — that’s one I clearly remember.

Okay, this is a pretty simply achievement / trophy to unlock. It’s worth taking a look at, just so you know when / how you’ll gain access to this point in the map. It doesn’t happen until the very end.

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Where To Find The Highest Point | ‘Where I Belong’ Guide

NOTE: The highest point in Just Cause 4 is only available after completing the main story. There is a killer storm at this peak that only clears up when you’ve reached the ending credits.

The highest point is located smack in the center of the map, at the highest point in Qachas. After completing the main story, you’ll unlock a Fast Travel Drop Point at the base. Use this, and you’ll be able to glide to the higher peak just outside the air base.

Stand at the tallest peak, and you’ll eventually unlock the “Where I Belong” achievement / trophy. Remember, you need to land on the peak and stand there for a few moments. Just gliding past it isn’t enough.