Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars Trailer Showcases Hammerhead, New Enemies, and More


PlayStation has released a new trailer for the latest Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC, Turf Wars.

The trailer showcases the new big bad — Hammerhead, alongside some of the new suits in action. As usual the trailer is portrayed through J. Joe Jameson, and as usual, it is pretty funny. If you’re itching to get back into the web-slinging game, the two DLC packs — The Heist and Turf Wars, are now available now to purchase.

Watch the new Turf Wars trailer down below:

The new DLC will feature a slew of new content, story missions, trophies, and side crimes to complete. Per usual, the DLC also comes with three new Spider suits — Spider Armour Mk1, Spider Clan, and the original Iron Spider Armor.

Turf Wars is priced at $9.99 separately or in a bundle with all the DLC for $24.99. The last DLC, Silver Linings, is set to release sometime in December, and with like the previous DLC, hints of what’s to come could be hinted in this story. Read more about the Turf Wars DLC right here!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars is now available exclusively on the PS4

Source: PS Blog