No Man’s Sky New Visions Update Brings New Environmental Biomes, Planet Types, and Much More


Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, took to the PlayStation Blog to announce the upcoming update for No Man’s Sky, which is called Visions.

Similar to the recently released update The Abyss, Hello Games have added a lot more variety to the surface world. This means players will see new environmental biomes, new planet types, more colorful worlds, new fauna and flora, archaeology, salvaging, and much more. The Visions update is set to go live this Thursday on all platforms.

Watch the new Visions trailer down below:

Murray went on to explain and detail what players could expect this Thursday. Check out some of the expected new features down below:

New Worlds

The variety and diversity of planet surfaces has been greatly improved. Millions of previously dead planets have now burst into life, creating a weirder, more surprising universe to explore.

Mysterious artifacts can be found on alien planets, which can be collected as mementos and displayed as trophies in your planetary base.

Bizarre Creatures

Strange new creatures can be found among the stars, never before discovered by another traveller. Predatory fauna protect their planets from interlopers, with some creatures even masquerading as ordinary minerals. Deadly flora now has much more variety, with carnivorous trap plants and bloated gas flora waiting to snare the unwary and reward the cautious.

More to Discover

With more varied planets comes more reasons to explore. Unleash your inner archeologist and search the galaxy for planets containing the ancient bones of alien lifeforms.
Unearth the long-forgotten remains of fallen satellites and scrap them for salvagable parts, but risk drawing the attention of new, challenging, corrupted sentinel drones.

Those who endure the hazardous storms that blast extreme planets can seek out precious new crystal treasures that only light up during the worst weather.

More Variety

The universe has become more alien, vibrant and exciting to explore. New shades of sky, grass, and water enable more unique worlds and a more diverse set of science fiction aesthetics. Atmospherics and skies have been improved and rainbows have been added to the range of weather effects.

Global Community Missions

A new Community Research mission allows explorers to share progress and work towards a common goal. Discover the Visions universe together to unlock the new Eye of the Korvax helmet, as well as well as new emotes, building parts and a range of fireworks to celebrate any occasion.

No Man’s Sky: Visions update is set to launch on Thursday, November¬†22 for all platforms.

Source: PS Blog