LEGO DC Super-Villains Walkthrough | Level 1: New Kid On The Block

Forget the good guys — in LEGO DC Super-Villains, you play as the villains. Control Lex Luthor, the Joker, and even more awesome bad guys as they cause mischief across Metropolis, Gotham, and the rest of the galaxy. Here, we’re going to break down every single level and show you how to complete the story mode, one puzzle at a time.

The story begins with Lex Luthor escaping from prison, with an all-new character you create! Your new character, the Rookie, is actually a big part of the story. You’ll see them in cutscenes, and play as them in story levels. As you progress, you’ll gain new powers; in this level, you’ll unlock a heat ray. There are tons of customization options, but if you’re not happy with your initial character, you can tweak them later.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into the first level, and escape the Justice League.

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Walkthrough | Level 1: New Kid On The Block

Part 1

Welcome to LEGO DC Super-Villains! After designing your character, you’ll jump straight into the action. Defeat the enemies in the two-story room, then smash the glowing LEGO objects nearby. Hold [Circle / B] to construct the pieces to craete a button.

Two turrets will appear. Swap to Mercy and wall-jump up to the second floor. Go right, and destroy the LEGO generators above each turret to disable them.

Now Lex Luthor can destroy the turrets — press [Circle / B] to launch missiles that destroy shiny metal LEGO. Destroy both turrets, then construct the hopping bricks to create wind tunnel up to the second floor. Destoy the silver metal LEGO in the room the right, on the second floor.

Now you can slip through the laser grids and exit the prison. On the bridge outside, target the silver metal LEGO object on the opposite end of the bridge with Lex Luthor. Swap to Mercy to use the orange LEGO grapple hook and connect the bridge.

Part 2

Exit through the door on the other side, and you’ll reach a new room — and new friends! With Solomon Grundy, destroy the LEGO vending machines, then swap to Cheetah build the hopping bricks. Construct the Grundy pad, and interact — Grundy can throw Cheetah up to the acrobat poles. Swing into the office and use the computer in the second floor room to unlock the door below.

Switching to Mercy, enter the darkness — she can light things up. Destroy the glowing LEGO object and construct the hopping bricks — you’ll build a little platform for Lex Luthor! As Lex, go to the green panel and use his technology powers to connect the power uplink. Turn all three conduits until they light up.

Going downstairs is easy! Have every character stand on the red buttons. When all the buttons turn green, you can ride down to the final room.

Part 3

The elevator takes the villains underground to a lava-filled cave! Before doing anything, swap to the Rookie (your custom character) and use the red LEGO device. This will give you the Heat Beam ability! Your rookie can now melt gold LEGO objects.

Go the right side of the room and destroy the gold LEGO turret with the rookie’s Heat Beam. Construct the hopping bricks to place orange power handles on the glass. Solomon Grundy can use those to remove the panel.

Climb up to the second floor and use the switch. You just need to activate the left switch, now! Go left and destroy the gold turret here with the rookie’s Heat Beam.

Construct the hopping bricks from the gold turret to create a technology panel. Use it with Lex Luthor — this is a slide puzzle! These can be really hard, so pay attention! When you move a slide, one of them will GLOW. Move the panels that glow, and you’ll eventually solve the puzzle. You don’t need to solve it on your own — follow the glowing panels!

When the puzzle is solved, ride the elevator up and use the red switch. Who’s inside the secret underground prison chamber? It’s Metallo, and his power can defeat Superman! The Justice League appear, but this level isn’t over yet.

Part 4

Lex Luthor and friends are in a giant rumble with the Justice League. Meanwhile, the Joker and Harley Quinn are enjoying a crazy night on the town. The final part of the level is all about helping them get home safely.

On the rooftop, give Joker a spin! He has lots of fun moves. Defeat the cops, then press [Circle / B] to recruit henchmen. They’re the LEGO people in the Joker jackets! Recruit all four, then interact with the Joker pad. The henchmen will create a bounce pad! Hop up and you’ll eventually drop a crate filled with hopping bricks.

Construct the bricks, then pull down the orange grapple hook. Joker can do that — Joker can also interact with the spray-paint wall and demolish it. Climb the ladder, then swap to Harley Quinn. Only Harley can swing on the acrobat poles.

In the elevator, use Harley’s giant hammer — you’ll automatically climb up higher into the clocktower. The heroes are fighting up here, so recruit three henchmen and interact with the multi-grapple hooks to break down the door.

Construct the hopping bricks, the flip the switch on the back of the LEGO cannon you’ve created. Harley will launch herself up and smash through the floor! Up above, go toward Green Lantern (he’ll leave, don’t worry!) and construct the hopping bricks in the corner.

You’ll create a turnstyle. Push it until the acrobat poles are locked into place — Harley can jump up those. At the top, go to the back and use her hammer. This causes a LEGO object to break near Joker. Swap to him and construct to create a giant jack-in-the-box! Jump on, and Joker will fly up to join Harley.

Joker can destroy the silver LEGO at the top with his bombs. Build the bricks, and then hop into the vehicle (press [Triangle / Y] to pilot) to launch Joker and his Number One Gal to the escape helicopter.