Lego DC Super-Villains: Where To Find All The Red Bricks | Locations Guide

Much like other Lego themed superhero games, there is a wide assortment of collectibles to gather up such as Red Bricks. These have been featured in a number of different Lego games which players must search for in order to gather certain game modes or features. Sometimes these Red Bricks can be difficult to find but we have you covered.

If you’re on the hunt for all the Red Bricks in Lego DC Super-Villains then check out where all the Red Bricks are located throughout the game below.

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New Kid On The Block

Helium Mode

Head to the golden statue found on the clock tower. You’ll find a gargoyle style statue holding a Red Brick.

It’s Good To Be Bad

Paint Splat Footprints

Destroy the large fish tank on the second floor of the Iceberg Lounge. Use telekinesis and throw the fish down onto the floor for the shark which will earn you the Red Brick.

S.T.A.R.S. In Your Eyes

Big Head Mode

Locate the door with the Super Strength handle. Go inside and illuminate the room to reveal a switch. Switch to a character that can move fast as you’ll need to hit five new triggers around the map. Afterward, you’ll gain a Red Brick.

The Harley and the Ivy

Guide Studs

After you reach the group located on the top of the Communication Tower, fly up and destroy a silver Lego statue. There will now be a lantern build available which will give a Red Brick after its built.

Arkham Barely Believe It

Minikit Detector

During the boss battle, go into the opening which is revealed behind steam vents. Destroy the bricks and proceed until you find a new Super Strength area where you will break off from the wall revealing an electric puzzle. Complete the puzzle to lower the four characters down which can help break the wall that was hiding a Red Brick.


Attract Studs

During the beginning section of the level use Ivy to grow the plant to make it a large blue flower. Head up the stairs and do the same for the other planet. Now turn the plants so they are facing the light.

Oa No!

Confetti Punch

When the level starts, head to the camera and locate a Detective Mode option. Within Detective Mode, players can use a grapple switch which will bring a ship to the dock. Destroy the contents on the ship to uncover a Red Brick.

Fight At The Museum


On the upper floor of the back room will be a glass wall. Break it and then use the mirror portal which will present a hall with a switch for another mirror portal. Activate the mirror portal then use the switch to find the Red Brick.

Sea-King Trouble

Fast Interactions

At the last boss fight area, go to the right and locate a glass window. Break it and you’ll see two eyes along with a specific song. Use the flowers below to repeat the song in order to unlock the Red Brick.


Pew Pew Mode

Disable the robot receptionist at the Lex Corp Lobby followed by reaching the safe. Enter Detective Mode to find the code to open the safe. From there all you have to do is use telekinesis to enter the numbers.

Apokolips, Wow!

Gold Brick Detector

While going across the walkway you can spot a wall in the distance that can be interacted with through telekinesis. Remove the wall and then activate the switch which will unlock the Red Brick.

The One With The T.Rex Mech

DC Captions

Within Themyscira you’ll need to fly to the left and find a building that has three bells. Match the colors from the floor to ring one of the three bells. Afterward, you’ll be rewarded with a Red Brick.

They Think It’s Owl Over

Character Token Detector

At the end of the Hall of Justice, tag the graffiti wall which will cause it to be destroyed. From there assemble the build to create a treadmill. Afterward, you’ll need to collect the additional pieces from the treadmill which will assemble a Red Brick within a container.

Steppenwolf Surprise

Demolition Mode

At the end of the offices of Wayne Tower, find the balcony which features two Mirror portals. Activate both portals and then go inside to find a chain cabinet that must be destroyed in order to earn the Red Brick.

Darkseid of the Moon


Head into the right control room then use the electric switch to bring down the force field. Fly up and head into the throne to activate it twice with Livewire in order to earn the Red Brick.

Granny Knows Best


Destroy the graffiti wall and head inside. Destroy the various items around the bath which will allow players to build a switch. Once activated you’ll have to burst bubbles to find a Red Brick.

Man To Mantis

Super Slap

Head into the area under the giant gear in order to activate a switch for the Red Brick.

These Boots Are Made For Stompa


While battling against Stompa, you will need to grow a flower which will give a Red Brick.

Arma-Ghetto Superstar

Party Hat Mode

Mark the wall at the start of the level with graffiti.

You Kanto-uch This


You can find the Red Brick within Kanto’s trophy room.


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