Crosscode: Unlock “Improved” Voice-Acting, Holiday-Man & More Easter Eggs | Cheat Codes List

Crosscode is our next indie-game obsession. This massive, detailed, 16-bit retro-inspired world is full of charming details and difficult challenges. It’s also full of weird, silly secrets — and yes, even cheat codes. The cheat codes we’ve found so far aren’t so much “cheats”. They’re really more like Easter eggs, and each one offers up something silly to chew on.

The full list of cheat codes is below, and we’ll update this article with any other cheats released to the public. For now, you can become Santa and hand out gifts for the holidays, or wear a glimmering pair of boots that leave trails of effects everywhere you go. Then there’s my personal favorite cheat code — the “improved” voice-acting cheat. You’ll just have to experience that particular Easter egg for yourself.

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Unlock “Improved” Voice-Acting, Holiday-Man & More Easter Eggs | Cheat Codes List


Input the codes listed below to get the following effects. Input the codes in the Title Screen

  • Cheat Codes:
    • Best-VA: Gives all characters ridiculous “voice acting” — input the code a second time to disable.
    • Holiday-Man: Gives you the Holiday-Man Quest. Yes, you can play it.
    • WoN-Boots: Gives you a pair of boots. The best part? The shiny in-game effects when you run around.

How To Complete The Holiday-Man Quest:

If you unlock the Holiday-Man quest, you’ll need to track down four players and give them gifts. Actually finding the players can be tricky, so here’s a few clues to push you in the right direction.

  • Bergen Village:
    • Triblader: By the building in the center of Bergen Village.
    • Hexacast: On the rooftops to the north.
    • Pentafist: Inside the northern building, on the left side.
    • Quadroguard: On the Inn rooftop.
  • Bergen Trail:
    • Triblader: In the Off-Road 3 area.
    • Hexacast: In the Old Plateau area.
    • Pentafist: In the Bergen Waterfalls area.
    • Quadroguard: In the Rising Path 5 area.
  • Autumn’s Rise:
    • Triblader: In the Quiet Passage 2 area.
    • Hexacast: In the Pathway 2 area.
    • Pentafist: In the Old Observatory area.
    • Quadroguard: In the Pathway 5 area.
  • Rookie Harbor:
    • Triblader: In the South Harbor, at a small balcony down an alley.
    • Hexacast: In the Marketplace area, talking to another NPC.
    • Pentafist: In the Autumn’s Exit area, walking the streets.
    • Quadroguard: In the Beginner’s Arc area, on the docks.