Crosscode: All Five Origin Stone Locations | Final Drill Upgrade Guide

Crosscode is an impressive, polished indie game that’s also surprisingly long. There’s a ton of depth to the combat, and the puzzles just keep getting trickier.

As you fight across the MMO-inspired island in this top-down action-RPG, you’ll constantly keep upgrading your primary weapons. One of those weapons is a Drill. If you want to fully upgrade that bad boy, you’ll need to find five hidden Origin Stones. They aren’t in any dungeons, either. The Origin Stones are all hidden in major hub zones.

Finding them is the trickiest part. They’re almost always hidden on rooftops, so you’ll need to take tricky, winding paths through the city to get all five.

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All Five Origin Stone Locations | Final Drill Upgrade Guide

To get the last Galaxy Spiral Drill upgrade, you need to find all five Origin Stones. They’re hidden all across the island, and locating them can be pretty tricky on your own. Here’s a spoiler-free guide explaining where to get them all.

  • Stone of Truth: Dusty Storage (Rookie Harbor) – Found in the Dusty Storage room in the upper part of Rookie Harbor. The stone is on the crate in the top-right corner.
  • Stone of Valor: Bergen South (Bergen Village) –  Starting from the square in Bergen North, jump south and down across the rooftops to find the stone sitting ontop of a building in Bergen South.
  • Stone of Space: Solar Farm (Ba’kii) – Get onto the rooftops in the Ba’kii Market and travel up, then right and up again to enter the Solar Farm from the roofs.
  • Stone of Spirit: Pond Slums (Basin Keep) – Enter the chainlink fence alley. To the left of the shop, there’s a pile of random crates and containers you can use to reach the high rooftops. Go down and right to locate the stone. You can walk on the ledges, or smash the trash bags.
  • Stone of Age: South Arch (Rhombus Square) – Starting from Lloyd Passage, drop onto a moving truck and ride it to the raised glass ceiling. It leads to a building with a picnic on the roof. Jump up, then go left and down to enter South Arch. Now it’s a simple jump up to the patio to grab the stone.

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