Fortnite: How To Link Accounts & Enable Crossplay On PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch

Crossplay is coming to every single platform, including PS4, allowing anyone (and everyone) to play with each other in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Crossplay isn’t just unlocked when you download the latest update, you’ll actually have to enable it — and enabling it isn’t totally obvious. You’ll need to link accounts, and add friends. You don’t just get to play with people on other platforms, you’ll also get to share your account progression — want to play on PC, then swap to the Nintendo Switch for to play on-the-go? Now you can do that, and retain all your progress across every platform.

This is kind of a big deal. For the longest time, Sony refused to allow crossplay with other consoles on their system. They were the final holdout — even Nintendo allowed crossplay on the Switch, which is also a surprising development for the generally slow-paced company.

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How To Link Accounts & Enable Crossplay On PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch

To enable crossplay and share your XP progress / unlocks across multiple platforms, you’ll need to link your accounts through an Epic online account.

  • NOTE: Crossplay, matchmaking, account progress, and cosmetic unlocks are all shared through your Epic account. Make sure to use the same one for all supported platforms, which include: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Log in to your account on Epic’s official site here. Once you’re logged-in, you need to link your Epic account to your console ID. This is your PSN ID, Xbox Live ID, or Nintendo Switch Online ID.

If you’ve already linked your console accounts, you can skip this step.

  • How To Link Your Console Account:
    1. It is possible to link all your console accounts to a single Epic account. For now, this will not transfer all cosmetics to all of your accounts.
      • Epic will release an Account Merging Tool in November that will allow you to access all cosmetics from all of your accounts.
    2. First, identity which account is your PRIMARY and SECONDARY account.
      • Your PRIMARY account contains all the progression and customization you want to keep. That’s your PRIMARY account.
      • The SECONDARY account is the one you don’t care about as much.
    3. Log in with each of your console accounts separately. Link each account through the sign-in on Epic’s official site. Do this for all of your console accounts.
    4. Unlink your secondary accounts. Yes, you need to link them, then unlink them.
      • Go to the Account drop-down from your secondary account, and then go to the Connected Accounts tab. Unlink the account from the console ID.
    5. Next, link your secondary account console to your Epic account, which is associated with your primary account.
      • Go to the Account drop-down again, and then select “Connect” from the Connected Accounts tab to connect an ID from the console you just de-linked.
    6. And that’s it! When the account merger tool comes in November, this process should become much easier.

After you’re all re-linked and de-linked, you’ll need to add friends to your primary Epic account.

  • IMPORTANT: Adding friends to your primary Epic account will allow you to play with friends on any platform. Depending on the platform, you will matchmake with players on your friends’ platform.

Friends can only be added through the Epic Launcher on PC or mobile devices. Once you’ve added friends, you can party-up in an in-game lobby. Join a party with friends from different platforms, and you’ll matchmake with those platforms.

Once you’ve linked accounts and added friends, you’ll be able to crossplay and matchmake with multiple platforms. Your custom gear and progression is stuck on your primary account, but that will change in November when Epic releases their account merging tool.