Top 15 Secret Levels Found In Video Games

#5 Mile High Club – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This particular level wasn’t all that hidden but we’re sure that there was plenty of gamers who flew through the game and didn’t even notice the level to begin with. All you needed to do in order to access the Mile High Club was to wait until the game credits ended. That’s all, once the credits competed gamers would be treated to a brand new level that focused on players taking out a terrorist threat on a hijacked plane. It was a quick level to play through but it was a nice little rewarding content treat for those who watched the credits rather than quickly skipping it to get into the main title again.

#4 Green Hill Zone – Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic fans may not have particularly enjoyed the new 3D titles, but if you were skilled enough then you could unlock a pretty interesting level in Sonic Adventure 2. Fans of the original series would get access to the Green Hill Zone, developed completely in 3D and while its hidden away in the game, players could unlock it after spending a ton of time playing through Sonic Adventure 2. In order for the game to unlock the Green Hill Zone then you would need to acquire all 180 emblems along with securing all A Ranks within the game. In fact, there was coding hidden away in the game that revealed players were supposed to get a few goodies for completing the Green Hill Zone with an A Rank. Unfortunately, because the development studio ran out of time, they got rid of the goodies for Green Hill Zone and left the level for players to stumble upon.

#3 Debug Room – Donkey Kong 64

This is less of a hidden level for gamers to find and something used for developers. It looks like when Rare was creating Donkey Kong 64 they left a room hidden away that has a Donkey Kong model, a balloon and a few different areas to maneuver around. In order to access the level players were suppose to acquire all the Blueprints, enter Snide’s HQ followed by accessing the Bonus Menu. From there all players needed to do was to hold the B and quickly press the A key.

#2 Playable Prototype – Rayman 2

Similar to the Donkey Kong 64 Debug Room, there was another level in Rayman 2 that wasn’t necessarily intended for players to uncover. Instead, the Rayman sequel was being developed originally as a 2D platformer and while the development team decided to cancel the game, it left a single 2D platform level within the PlayStation Rayman 2 release. This level could be accessed when players collect 720 Lums then completing the Crow’s Nest. Afterward, players would gain access to a prototype level to the cancelled Rayman 2 2D platformer title.

#1 The Island – 007 GoldenEye

If you owned a Nintendo 64 back in the day then chances have you owned 007 GoldenEye as it was one of the must-have video game titles during the console generation. In the first video game level players were exploring a dam though it’s possible that you stumbled upon an island off in the distance. Unfortunately, there was no way of accessing the area until the use of a GameShark. It was then that players discovered that the island only had a small guard tower and turret but both places were unarmed and didn’t allow access into the buildings.

The mystery behind the island wouldn’t be solved until years later when Rare developers stated that the island was put into the game with players having to investigate the tower which would reward them with armor. However, the boat needed to transport the player to the island never made it into the game so the entire idea was scrapped leaving only the island in place.


Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto 3 was a big leap for the video game franchise. Rockstar Games brought out a third-person open-world version of the series and one that brought plenty of controversy with it as well. However, if you’re familiar with the game, then you know there is a section of the map you can’t venture into but is seen during the opening cinematic for the campaign. While not necessarily a hidden level, players did find that you could gain access to this section by flying the Dodo through a particular area. The map doesn’t feature any collision detection and it’s pretty much a blank slate.

Minecraft Dungeons

While Minecraft was a worldwide hit and continues to thrive today, fans were likely intrigued to see a new installment released into the market which focused on a completely different type of gameplay. Minecraft Dungeons is exactly how the name describes, it’s a dungeon crawler. It’s actually a rather starter friendly dungeon crawler as there’s no real need of any class-based equipment as everyone can make use of any loot found along the way. As a result, beginners to the genre may find that this game is easy to pick up and understand.

Furthermore, this game is procedurally generated which means that there is plenty of opportunities for players to replay the game. However, scattered across each map are hidden levels that players can visit new location areas. The problem is that since the levels are procedurally generated, we can’t really pinpoint just where to go in order to find these hidden levels. There are some guides out online that can help give you some general guidance, but finding these hidden level areas are more or less up to the player to seek them out.