10 Unbelievable Video Game Myths We All Fell For

#5 007GoldenEye James Bond(s)

One of the breakout FPS hits that released on the Nintendo 64 was 007 GoldenEye. The video game portrayed the campaign story of the cinematic movie, but most would remember the game for its multiplayer. Up to four players could duke it out on several maps and best of all, there was a variety of characters you could play as. Not only did you have James Bond, but the various characters featured in the 007 GoldenEye movie.

Likewise, there was a slew of classic enemies from the past films available in the game. But the rumor is centered around James Bond. Apparently, it was believed that gamers could unlock other past James Bond actor skins who had portrayed the character before Pierce Brosnan. You would have the likes of Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Sean Connery featured. From what we could gather, not only is this a myth but might have been something the developers had initially considered but never fully went through the paperwork in order to secure the ability to feature the character likeness.

#4 Final Fantasy VIII Squall Dies

Final Fantasy video games take players through a deep and interesting narrative journey and over the years there’s been a number of questions that players have been discussing online. One of those has to do with Final Fantasy VIII.

Released back in 1999 for the PlayStation and PC platforms, players take on the role of Squall Leonhart who must fight against an evil sorceress. The game is actually broken up into multiple discs though the real myth and urban legend happens right at the end of the first disc.

During the end of disc one, Squall is impaled by a large ice spear where he meets his demise. That is until disc two shows Squall without any injury leaving players to believe that he’s actually dead and everything from disc two to the ending is just the last few moments of the character’s hallucination before death.

Recently, Kotaku had a chance to speak with Yoshinori Kitase who was the director for the game. During the interview, Kotaku asked Yoshinori if the rumors and speculation that Squall is dead after disc one were true.

“No, that is not true. I think he was actually stabbed around the shoulder area, so he was not dead. But that is a very interesting idea, so if we ever do make a remake of Final Fantasy VIII, I might go along with that story in mind.”

As it turns out the myth according to the game director is false, but still gamers debate the theory online with there even being a dedicated website  full of theories and speculation on why Squall is actually dead,

#3 Pokemon Lavender Town Syndrome

Who can forget finally reaching the end of rock tunnel, arguably the most maddening part of the game, besides the old man in viridian city who couldn’t let anyone pass without his coffee; only to discover you’ve gone from the most frustrating part to the saddest and creepiest. Lavendar town is basically a giant graveyard run by ghosts and mediums, besides that there’s one other noteworthy part of this town that is forever burned into kids minds, the soundtrack.

Outside of being unsettling for children who were more familiar with Pokemon being full of life, Japanese kids were left with a horrifying soundtrack. The myth is that within the Japanese versions of the game, a high pitch sound was included in the town’s theme music where it made kids go crazy. Supposedly over a hundred children committed suicide after hearing the song which would be covered up along with changing the tone for release outside of Japan.

#2 Tomb Raider Nude Code

If you enjoyed the Tomb Raider franchise when it first came out then chances are you’ve heard about the infamous nude cheat. When Tomb Raider launched on the original PlayStation players not only received a great new adventure title full of exploration, puzzle solving and action but also a staple video game character, Lara Croft.

The game also featured a few different cheat codes such as skipping stages and access to all of the weapons and ammunition. However, one cheat code that everyone seems to have been talking about was a code to strip Lara Croft down to her birthday suit.

This fabled cheat code would make Lara Croft nude throughout the game, but as it turns out, the cheat code never existed. Instead, players would be punching in a combination of buttons with no results.

#1 Madden Curse

The Madden curse is also a pretty well-known myth. Over the years every Madden video game cover features an athlete from the NFL and as it turns out almost every athlete that has been photographed would end up hurt that following season.

This curse was highly talked about and even led some fans to lobby against certain players from showing up on the cover. There were even talks of making a movie based around this curse but as of the time the movie has been scrapped.

We’re sure that some players have kept that curse in the back of their mind in case they are ever called to take the cover up an upcoming Madden game.


PlayStation 2 Missiles

The PlayStation 2 was a massively popular video game console for several reasons. Not only was it a new platform generation from Sony, but it came with a slew of extra features. For instance, fans could play their PlayStation backlog video game titles on the system while also using the PlayStation 2 as a DVD player. However, the interesting myth behind the PS2 was focused around Iraqi president Saddam Hussein where rumors circulated that Saddam was stockpiling PlayStation 2 units simply for the chips. It was believed that the chips could be used to help power a missile system which was quite alarming to hear. There were news reports all over covering this myth that circulated quite a scare around the world.