Valve Is Working On A Half-Life: Alyx Level Editor

When it comes to Valve, they recently had a massive video game launch. After years of silence, Valve finally brought back the Half-Life franchise and while fans were hoping on a Half-Life 3 video game release, what we got instead was a Half-Life: Alyx VR title. In this installment, fans will go through a brand new narrative adventure set prior to the events of Half-Life 2.

While this is a VR game that requires the use of virtual reality headset to play through the game, there is still plenty of fans eager to mod the title. By offering gamers something new and unique to the title that wasn’t previously available, fans will soon get some official support. At the moment, modders are able to tweak the game, but right now Valve is currently working on a level editor feature.

It’s something that fans were expecting at launch, but that never came to fruition. Through the Resetera forums, a developer from Valve, Jake Brodkin, has answered one user’s question regarding a level editor and their frustration over not having the feature. Jake stated that the development team was working on post-launch patching and tech support after the game’s initial launch, but now the team is focusing on a level editor.

This will take some time and while he doesn’t have an estimate on when the level editor will be available, fans can be assured that there will be a feature added into the game eventually. For now, fans can simply enjoy the game as is or wait to see what modders are able to come up with right now without the level editor.

Source: PCGamesN