Ultimate Custom Night: All Easter Eggs & Unlockables | Secrets Guide

Ultimate Custom Night is the biggest, weirdest Five Nights at Freddy’s game yet. It’s the ultimate compilation for the ultimate fan — every single character from the series’ history reappears here, in one form or another, and it’s full of callbacks, references, and Easter eggs. We’ve only just begun picking apart everything that’s hidden in this game, so join us on this journey. Here’s all the Easter eggs, unlockables, and secrets we’ve found so far.

Ultimate Custom Night is like a ‘Best Of’ — you’ll find every office and animatronic ever encountered. There isn’t really a story, but you can trigger unique scenes just like in the old games. There’s a lot to see and do — and probably plenty of stuff casual players have never seen before. If you want to know about all the weird secrets and stuff you can see in Ultimate Custom Night, scroll down and we’ll try to keep you up to speed.

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All Easter Eggs & Unlockables | Secrets Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back later for new updates as we discover more hidden stuff!]


How To Summon Fredbear

To summon the unstoppable Fredbear Easter egg, you’ll need to start a night with the following conditions.

  • Set all animatronics to 0.
  • Set Golden Freddy to 1.
  • Collect 10 Faz Coins.
  • Buy the Death Coin.
  • Wait for Golden Freddy to appear, then use the Death Coin.

And that’s it! You’ll summon Fredbear to menace you.

Unlockable Offices

There are multiple unlockable offices you can earn by completing high score nights. The first office is unlocked after earning 2,000 points in a single night. Complete a night with a score of 5,000 points to unlock the FNaF 3 office. There’s a final unlockable office setting after completing a night with 8,000 points.

The Old Man Consequences Easter Egg

You can revisit the lake from Five Nights at Freddy’s World with this weird Easter egg.

  • Set all animatronics to 0.
  • Set Old Man Consequences to 1.
  • Wait for Old Man Consequences to trigger the “Catch A Fish” minigame.
  • Complete the minigame.

After completing the minigame, you’ll appear at the lake. You can walk down to Old Man Consequences for a little chat. To escape, hold down and enter the lake. The game will crash, ending this super-spooky Easter egg.

DeeDee Summons Exclusive Animatronics

DeeDee is a weird little trickster. Instead of killing you, it will appear randomly and summon animatronics of any level into your office. When the message “A New Challenger Appears”, you’ll know there’s another character stalking the pizzeria.

DeeDee doesn’t just spawn characters from the normal roster — she has her own unique roster of characters you won’t find anywhere else. Most of them are just jumpscares (Plushtrap, RXQ), but some are pretty spooky. Nightmare Chica’s teeth slowly close around you! Some of them require some weird solutions to chase away. LOLbit can only be defeated by typing “LOL” on your keyboard. To get rid of Bonnet, you need to mouse-click on her black nose.

A Child Stares Back At You

Every once in awhile, you’ll see a child’s face reflected in the GAME OVER screen. Creepy!

The 3-Minute Monologue

Get killed by Mr. Hippo, and you can trigger a lengthy monologue sequence.