Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 – How To Solve All Blockbuster Challenges | Battle Pass Tier Guide

If you’re a Season 4 Battle Pass owner in Fortnite: Battle Royale, there are hidden “Blockbuster” challenges you absolutely won’t want to miss. Grabbing the secret star collectibles that appear on the map will instantly rank you up one full tier.

And that’s awesome because at the top of the Battle Pass tiers, you’ll find a secret reward at the end — this is just an educated guess, but you’ll probably get a cool reward for completing all the “Blockbuster” challenges. Just a thought.

Here, we’re going to break down how to unlock “Blockbuster” challenges, and where you’ll find the hidden star collectibles for each week. Learn about even more Fortnite Season 4 Easter eggs and secrets here.

Hidden Blockbuster Stars | Weekly Locations

Okay, here’s how it works — every week you’ll get a set of challenges to complete. These are pretty simple, usually they’re about going to a location hinted at in the challenge itself. Go to all the locations and you’ll complete the challenge. Knowledge of the map is key, but just a little wandering around will be enough. You can complete weekly challenges in any order you want, but there’s a new one every week as the season progresses.

  • How To Unlock Hidden Blockbuster Challenges:
    • To get special challenges, you must complete the Weekly challenges. There is a Blockbuster Challenge available for each and every week of the Season.
    • After completing all the regular challenges, you’ll get a loading screen — take note of the location! It’s pointing you toward one of the hidden star collectible locations.

Once you complete a challenge and see the loading screen, a star will appear somewhere on the Battle Royale map. Time to get hunting!


Week #1: Blockbuster Challenge Location

Straightforward and simple. The screenshot shows a film shoot, with the star location visible in the background.

  • Go to the compound south of Retail Row and northwest of Moist Mire (Map Coordinates: I8) — on the tall fence in the northeast corner, you’ll find your first star.

Week #2: Blockbuster Challenge Location

This one is a little trickier! Instead of showing a location, the screenshot shows three map coordinate numbers!

  • Go to the west ridge, south of Haunted Hills and west of Pleasant Park — look in the center of squares [A3, A4, B3, B4] — right where the line in the center meets, you’ll find the second star.

Week #3: Blockbuster Challenge Location

Another tricky one! This screenshot shows a holographic display of the Battle Royale map. Look very closely, and you’ll be able to spot a star on the holo-map.

  • The star is located on a solitary hill between Fatal Fields and Flush Factory (Map Coordinates: F8 / F9)

Week #4: Blockbuster Challenge Location

The villainous screenshot this week should look familiar to Easter egg hunters. This is one of the new locations introduced in Season 4 — the missile silo bunker! Here’s where you can find it. Bring some wood.

  • Go to the villain bunker through the missile silo found on a hill northeast of Snobby Shores. Build wooden ramps to reach the upper corner behind the pillar shown in the screenshot. (Map Coordinates: B4)

Week #5: Blockbuster Challenge Location

This one is hard to find. Look in the far background of the super-hero brawl to see a familiar picture of a crab. This isn’t a named location, so if you haven’t fully explored the map, it can get a little tricky.

  • Travel to the crab statue in the southwest corner of the map, on the shore south of Moisty Mire. The statue is on a large concrete spot on a hill, right on the edge of the map. (Map Coordinates: H10)

Week #6: Blockbuster Challenge Location

A nice look at a break between all the action, this picture is clearly taken in Greasy Grove, between all those fast food restaurants. This blockbuster star is pretty easy to find.

  • Go down to Greasy Grove and find the food truck with the knife / fork on top on the southern edge of the named area. (Map Coordinates: C7)

Week #7: Blockbuster Challenge Location

This “final” blockbuster challenge shows you the skin you’ll unlock for getting every blockbuster star. Say hello to the Visitor skin. Now, time to actually locate this star.

  • The picture is pretty tricky. It actually shows the Visitor standing near the meteorite crash site. Go to Dusty Divot and enter the center building. The star is on top of the meteorite. (Map Coordinates: F5)

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