Fortnite: Season 4 – New Map Secrets & Easter Eggs Guide | Hero Bunkers, Green Screens & More

Those glowing meteors seen in the skies over the map during Season 3 of Fortnite: Battle Royale have finally landed — and they’ve totally changed the layout of the map in Season 4. After booting up the game for the first time, you’ll be treated to a variety of changes to the familiar setting — and some of them are pretty awesome. There’s a whole lot to explore, so make GameRanx your tour guide as we go through all the new locations and explain how the game has changed for the awesome.

And it’s worth noting these aren’t just cosmetic changes. Some of these locations point to a mysterious future for the game that have already got fans wildly speculating about Season 5. Then there’s cool stuff like moon rocks you can collect for super-duper-jumps, completely changing the gravity around the giant crater. If you’re more interested in film-making, you can even stop by a Green Screen, take some Fortnite footage with the replay feature, and drop your hero (or heroine) into the chroma keyed background of your choice.

New Map Secrets Guide | Hero Bunkers, Green Screens & More

Dusty Divot (And Random Meteor Craters)

This massive crater is the easiest location to spot on the map. You literally can’t miss it, and it’s a hotly contested zone at the start of most matches. The area is wide open, turning it into a killing field if you’re arriving late in the game — that’s where the meteors come into play. The tiny purple one-use consumables give you an anti-gravity jump that’ll make survivor slightly more possible.

At the center of the Dusty Divot is a makeshift science-y base, with the massive main meteor glowing in the center. If you want a closer look at the meteor everyone in the world has been waiting for, now you can check it out.

It’s also worth mentioning that the entire map features new craters. There are mini-craters everywhere, including at the Risky Reels drive-in. These tiny craters will always have at least one anti-gravity super-jump pick-up. It’s used automatically, so you can’t carry those little things around with you.

Someone put a hole in the green screen.

Risky Reels (Green Screen Movie Lot)

The Risky Reels Drive-In has seen some changes after the meteor strike. The screen itself has been destroyed, a crater is in the center, and best of all — there’s a green screen in the warehouse in the back. Yes, now you can record your avatar’s dancing emotes, and use the magic of chroma key. Perfect for stupid gifs to annoy your friends.

There’s a costume sewing table!

Secret Hero Headquarters (Mansion Basement)

This secret superhero base is located in the basement of a mansion on the eastern shore, just south of Lonely Lodge. It isn’t a named location on the map, making it all the more mysterious. It’s also a pretty popular area for early players to raid — so if you want to check it out, be on the lookout for ambushes!

It’s also one of the coolest locations to check out on the map. It’s a full superhero base under the mansion, complete with showers, superhero costume workstation, a holographic planning table, and plenty of gadgets. You can even land in the open hangar / secret entrance built into the island cliff wall for a fast entrance / sneak attack vector.

Secret Villain Headquarters (Missile Base)

There’s one final place you’ll want to check out to solve the mysteries of Season 4. Not only is there a  hero-base, there’s also a secret villain missile silo. Find this additional unmarked location northeast of Snobby Shores. Travel up to the house on the hill, and you’ll find a massive missile sticking out of a deep silo.

Jump (or climb down using ramps) to find another elaborate headquarters. There are fancy cars, computer terminals, and basically everything you need to take over the world. We don’t really know if this is a villain base, but it does seem logical in a way — there’s a secret hero base, and a secret villain base. There’s some symmetry there.

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