Shadow of War: Desolation of Mordor DLC – All Torvin’s Gauntlet Upgrades | Locations Guide

In the ‘Desolation of Mordor’ DLC for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, you’ll quickly gain a powerful new artifact — Torvin’s Gauntlet. This special gauntlet can be upgraded with a bunch of powerful abilities, and they’re all worth getting. There’s just one problem; the upgrades are hidden all over the environment, and you’ll just have a few sketches to point you in the right direction.

To make life easier, we’re going to breakdown exactly where you need to go to get all of the Torvin’s Gauntlet upgrades in ‘Desolation of Mordor’ — this is a totally new map with some awesome little extra mechanics. You’ll be fighting human enemies instead of just orcs, and you can hire mercenaries to work with you in a foreign land. You can make all that progression a little bit easier by hunting down all the gauntlet upgrades right at the start. Here’s where to look.

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All Torvin’s Gauntlet Upgrades | Locations Guide


After collecting the gauntlet from Torvin in the Desolation of Mordor DLC, you’ll also get a bunch of sketches showing upgrade locations. We’re going to explain where to find every upgrade for the gauntlet. 

  • Blazing Shield Sketch
    • Northwest Outpost: Under the archway.
  • Catapult Sketch
    • Southern Desert: Inside the giant dragon skull.
  • Chain Kills
    • Northwest Arena: Found on top of the Graug cages, located west of the arena.
  • Cyclone
    • Mercenary Camp: On the roof of the large structure in the mercenary camp. This is where you’ll also get the tutorial, explaining how to purchase mercenaries.
  • Fatal Counter
    • Fortress Keep: After taking the fortress stronghold, climb up to one of the keep’s tall landings.
  • Grapple Pull
    • Northwest Outpost: Found on a pair of towers connected by a walkway, near the entrance to the outpost.
  • Mighty Shield
    • Southeast Outpost: Hidden among the bushes.
  • Numenorean Fire
    • Center Outpost: In the middle of the map, look for this upgrade on a ledge of the giant arch.
  • Wormrot Oils
    • Southwest Outpost: Located indoors, inside the big structure.