Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – All Ithildin Poem Puzzles | Solutions Guide

Underneath each of the Barrows fast-travel points in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, you’ll find a locked chamber containing pieces of the legendary “Bright Lord” set of gear. The only way to acquire these powerful relics is to solve five poetry puzzles. They’re not too tricky to figure out, but if you’re lost and need a helping hand, here are all the answers.

There is one Ithildin door in each of the five regions. To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to fill in a missing word on the blank of each line. Keeping the cadence is important, so you’ll have to select words based on context and whether it fits into the greater poem. There are six lines per poem, and six words you’ll have to select. It’s worthwhile to do all five of these as quickly as possible — after all, who doesn’t want more Bright Lord loot?

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All Ithildin Poem Puzzles | Solutions Guide


To solve the ancient poem puzzles, you need to fill in the blanks on each line with a specific word. Here, we’ll reveal which words go on each line for every puzzle.

  • Minas Morgul – Ithildin Poem
    • Line #1: Shadows
    • Line #2: Drums
    • Line #3: Cadence
    • Line #4: Land
    • Line #5: Wrath
    • Line #6: Doom
  • Cirith Ungol – Ithildin Poem
    • Line #1: Rises
    • Line #2: Fires
    • Line #3: Night
    • Line #4: Beacons
    • Line #5: Shines
    • Line #6: Marching
  • Nurnen– Ithildin Poem
    • Line #1: Iron
    • Line #2: Serpents
    • Line #3: Avail
    • Line #4: Woe
    • Line #5: Hordes
    • Line #6: Claim
  • Seregost  – Ithildin Poem
    • Line #1: Slumbers
    • Line #2: Nest
    • Line #3: Poisoned
    • Line #4: Trapped
    • Line #5: Comes
    • Line #6: Base
  • Gorgoroth – Ithildin Poem
    • Line #1: Lurk
    • Line #2: Bulwark
    • Line #3: Impervious
    • Line #4: Powers
    • Line #5: Vicious
    • Line #6: Fail

And that’s how you can complete the five Ithildin door poems and claim the treasure inside. For completing the first puzzle, you’ll unlock the “Speak Friend and Enter” trophy / achievement.