Fortnite: How To Enable Two-Step Authentication & Protect Your Account [PSA]

Two-Step Authentication, or ‘Two-Factor Sign-In’ is a feature you can activate in Fortnite to provide a little extra security to your account. Of course, it’s entirely optional — you don’t NEED two-step authentication to stay safe and hack-free, but it really does help if someone manages to get into your account.

So, what exactly is two-step authentication? Basically, you’ll need to input a second code (e-mailed from Epic) from a verified e-mail address. Because the code is being sent to a verified e-mail, you’ve got a second layer of protection — only someone with access to your particular device / e-mail address will be able to log in, even if someone else knows your password. It’s a common feature, and Fortnite is so popular (and currently, so targeted) it only makes sense you’ll want to unleash a little bit of bonus security just for your own peace of mind.

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How To Enable Two-Step Authentication & Protect Your Account [PSA]

Opting in to Two-Factor Sign In is really simple. Before you do, make sure you have a verified e-mail address on your Fortnite account.

  • To opt in to Two-Factor Sign In:
    • Go to Account Settings -> Passwords & Security tab.
    • Click “Enable Two-Factor Sign In”
    • Check your verified e-mail for a passcode.

After logging in to your Fortnite account, you’ll receive an e-mail to your verified e-mail address with a passcode. Input the passcode to login. You will not need to input a different passcode every single time.

  • A passcode will be sent and prompt you to input if…
    • Login for the first time after enabling this feature.
    • You use a new device.
    • Clear browser cookies.
    • It has been more than 30 days since your last login.

See? It’s really simple and incredibly useful. Better safe now than sorry later.