Fortnite: Everything You Need To Know About Vending Machines

Fortnite received a new update that added random vending machines around the levels. According to Epic Games, these vending machines will deliver gamers random loot for raw materials. If you’re looking to see just what loot can be acquired from these vending machines along with the raw material it takes and where each machine is located then check out our guide down below.


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As mentioned, the vending machine will spit out loot when you toss in raw materials. However, there is some basic guidelines to keep in mind for those seeking legendary loot.

Vending machine colors will coincide with the loot players will receive. Likewise depending on the color, players may be paying anywhere from 100 materials to 500 materials.

  • White: Common | 100 Materials
  • Green: Uncommon | 200 Materials
  • Blue: Rare | 300 Materials
  • Purple: Epic | 400 Materials
  • Gold: Legendary | 500 Materials


The materials available will be wood, stone and metal. Each vending machine will display what material it’s accepting at any given moment. So if you’re looking to spend a certain material and the vending machine is not accepting it at that moment, you’ll have to wait for it to change.

Note: Players can speed up the timer to switch materials by hitting it with the pickaxe.


Luckily, vending machines are scattered all over making it relatively easy to reach one when in need. Take a look at our map on where each vending machine will spawn down below.


The update is worth mentioning that Epic Games does not require any downloading on the various platforms. Developers have also stated that they will be adding new content much like the vending machines which won’t require any update to the game.

As a result, vending machines could be tweaked without notice. We’ll of course keep an eye on any updates made to Fortnite and adjust the featured guides if needed.