Sea of Thieves: Here’s What You Get For Becoming A Pirate Legend | Legendary Faction Guide

The goal of every pirate in Sea of Thieves is to become a true Pirate Legend. And finally someone was able to do that just, and learn what happens when you read the upper echelons of pirating society — the answer is, not much. In fact, it appears this aspect of the game is completely unfinished, and you won’t be able to take advantage of it quite yet. There aren’t even any extra ship cosmetics!

But, there is a ghostly pirate costume at the end, and an entirely new faction you can level up. The actual process is pretty interesting, so we’re going to break it down and explain what happens when you become a Pirate Legend, and what cool (and not so cool) stuff will unlock for you. The first Pirate Legend in question is Twitch Streamer Prod1gyx — and his discoveries are both interesting, and kind of sad.

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Becoming A Pirate Legend | Legendary Faction Guide

To become a Pirate Legend, you’ll need to reach Level 50 in all three factions — the Merchants Alliance, the Goldhoarders, and the Order of Souls. It takes a very, very long time to grind quests or voyages and reach a level that high. Like, an insanely long time.

After hitting Level 50 in each of these factions, you’ll get a new quest with a riddle. The quest is called “Shanty of Legends”, and the riddle goes like this:

Through many voyages upon the sea, you searched to find the legends key. Now one last step to pass the tests, to find where Athena’s Fortune rests. Take this tune and make a sound, the secret lies near the ground.

You get a brand new sea shanty (and a legend outfit) with this clue. Play the shanty in the tavern to open a secret path underground! The hatch leads to a new faction hideout — the Legendary Pirate faction.

  • Instead of normal quests, the Legendary Pirate faction (who is also a spooky ghost) sends you on Legendary Voyages.
    • Legendary Voyages, so far, as simply 8 basic quests strung together instead of three.
    • The Legendary Voyage essentially mashes the three current voyages together into one single voyage. At the end, you’ll find a Legendary Chest that contains about 4,000 gold.
  • Completing Legendary Voyages will earn you reputation in the Legendary Pirate faction.
    • The Legendary Pirate faction vendor will sell a ghost costume, and nothing else.
    • At the Ghost Shipwright, there’s an option to purchase special equipment, but that just gives you a message that states the legendary content for ships is not yet complete, and no announcement has been made when the faction will be updated.

And that’s really it. There is no new customization for your ship — just a ghost costume, and a mega-voyage. Will there be something at the end of the Legendary Pirate faction? At this point, I seriously doubt it.