Into The Breach: Conquer Hard Mode With These Amazing Synergies

Hard Mode is reserved for only the most masochistic pilots in Into The Breach — it’s also the one true challenge the game has to offer for those looking to prove their mastery of mech combat. To unlock everything in the game, you’ll need to complete one of the toughest challenges; beating Hard Mode with a four island victory. That means you’ll have to finish all four islands, upgrading the Vek to their toughest forms, and then complete the final island all in a single run.

If you can’t handle this wall of difficulty, there are (thankfully) some cheesy strategies you can exploit to make victory just a little easier. Combining mechs into custom teams, matching mechs with the best pilots, and selecting the best upgrades — that’s what Into The Breach is all about. And we’re going to share what (we think) are some of the best possible combinations. Hard Mode is still really hard, so be prepared for a fight — just one that’s slightly less painful.

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Best Synergies To Cheese Hard Mode

Hard Mode is ruthless, and it’s the one true way to play Into The Breach. Winning sometimes comes down to luck, and if you’re struggling to get that coveted four island Hard Mode victory, here are some overpowered synergies to use that will absolutely crush Hard Mode.

NOTE: To unlock new pilots, recover Time Pods or get perfect island victories. You can also gain pilots by finding hidden alien beacons in mountains / ice blocks and recovering them before the mission timer runs out.


Best Mechs + Pilots / Skills Synergies

  • Zenith Guard, Charge Mech / Rift Walkers, Combat Mech + Abe Isamu
    • Any melee mech will become exponentially more powerful with a layer of armor. They absorb one hit without taking damage, or lower the amount of damage by one for all attacks. Very, very useful.
  • Hazardous Mechs + Ariadne / Self-Destruct
    • Ariadne’s natural immunity to fire makes him a powerful pilot for the Hazardous Mechs. You can freely hop onto any forest tiles.
    • If you can manage to get Self-Destruct from a drop or purchase with the Hazardous Mechs team, you can defeat bosses in one hit and keep fighting. A dead mech, if healed, can continue to fight — and the Hazardous Mechs come with leech standard. For every dead Vek, your team gains +1 HP.
  • Rustling Hulks + Camila Vera
    • One of the best pilots, with the ability to ignore smoke / webbings, is also incredibly powerful when combined with the Rustling Hulks. They rely on smoke to defend themselves, but with Camila Vera, you’ll have an unfair advantage — the ability to spread smoke, and attack even when you’re in smoke.
  • Frozen Titans, Ice Mech + Bethany Jones / Mafan
    • Bethany Jones or Mafan have a shield at the start of the mission. If your shield is still active, it will negate the self-freezing effect of the Cryo-Launcher. This is especially true for Mafan, one of the alien FTL pilots — he restores his shield every turn. Both can one-shot Vek once per turn.
  • Flame Behemoths, Swap Mech + Kazaaakpleth
    • The Swap Mech can teleport, and Kazaaakpleth loses Repair, replacing that function with a 2-damage melee stab attack. Very useful for any Science Class mechs, thanks to their enhanced flight range.

Got your own amazing synergies? Let us know! We’re always looking for more.