Into The Breach: How To Unlock Secret Alien Pilots | FTL Easter Eggs Guide

When a murderous race of giant insects invades the Earth, only a trio of powerful time-travelling mechs can save the day. That’s the backstory for Into The Breach, a rogue-like turn-based strategy game that’s punishingly difficult in all the right ways. From the makers of FTL, you’ll have to learn how to survive a series of scrapes and complete an agonizingly tough end-game battle to save the world.

Just like in the space-sim FTL, you’ll unlock more options as you progress. Instead of spaceships, you’ll find new teams of mechs to use in combat. Mechs get unique abilities to deal damage, push around enemies, and control them in a variety of deceptively simple (or complex) ways. And getting these extra mechs is a big part of the fun in Into The Breach. And the most fun comes when you discover there are actually hidden pilots you can unlock.

Yup — four hidden pilots to be exact. The alien pilots are all direct references to the alien races of FTL, and they’ve landed on Earth to help you beat back the giant bug invasion. It’s nice seeing a few familiar faces, and if you don’t know what to look for, it’s pretty easy to overlook these rare unlockable pilots.

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How To Unlock 3 Secret Alien Pilots | FTL Easter Eggs Guide

There are several unlockable alien pilots in Into The Breach (Mantis, Zoltan, and Rockman) which are each an alien race previously featured in the hit indie rogue-like FTL.

  • Alien Pilots are recovered from FTL-themed pods that are summoned when you discover tiny beacons hidden inside broken mountains / ice / undamaged squares.
    • Alien Pilots will never spawn in the first map.
    • If a normal time pod spawns, an Alien Pilot pod will not spawn.
  • Alien Pilots spawn randomly and appear on most islands.
    • No alien pilot appear in the first island or final zone.
  • Alien Pilots have very unique stats, and they’re very rare.
    • Mantis Special: 2 damage melee attack replaces Repair.
    • Zoltan Special: +1 Reactor Core. Reduce Mech HP to 1. Gain Shield every turn.
    • Rockman Special: +3 Health and Immune to Fire.


To find beacons, scan the map for a small bright yellow glow. Often, these will only spawn in mountains or ice, but check every square before continuing. If a beacon is out in the open, you’re in luck.

  1. To collect an alien pilot, find a beacon. Beacons glow yellow and can appear in regular squares, or in damaged mountains / ice.
  2. If you damage a mountain / ice, the yellow beacon will appear in the center. Smash the square completely and the beacon will drop to the ground.
  3. When a beacon is on the ground, approach it and an FTL pod will fall to the ground. Collect the FTL pod to gain one random alien pilot.
  4. Collecting an alien pilot unlocks the ‘Distant Friends’ Steam achievement.

To make hunting for beacons easier, play on Easy and bring ranged damage dealers so you can crack open as many ice blocks / mountain blocks as possible. If a yellow glow doesn’t appear after attacking a mountain / ice once, then you can move on. Don’t forget to check the ground for yellow beacons! Beacons will never spawn on the first island, in boss missions, or in missions where a time pod has already landed.