FTL: Advanced Edition Docks New Ship, Reveals New Race

Before the release of the FTL: Advanced Edition update in the New Year, the Lanius ship emerges from deep space carrying a new alien race.

The Lanius alien race scavenges and absorbs minerals to sustain their metallic lifeforms. Their hibernation cycles can extend for many years where they can awaken from sleep to mine metal deposits. Although other pilots report diplomatic conversation is possible with the Lanius, their unfamiliarity with artificial environments, mainly locations with oxygen, causes them to drain all oxygen in a room.

The FTL: Advanced Edition also brings new features in the free update. New unannounced features read as follows:

Lanius Ship: New player ship with its own achievements and alternate layout.

Type C Ship Layouts: 8 of the original ships will have a third layout that capitalizes on the new content.  With the Lanius ship, that makes for a total of ten new starting ship designs.

Backup Battery Subsystem: Subsystem that can provide temporary reactor power in a pinch.

New Drones: Expanded drone options includes: the Shield Drone that generates a green super shield for your ship, the Anti-Combat Drone that shoots down enemy combat drones, and the Ion Intruder that blasts into the enemy ship and randomly ionizes systems while stunning and distracting crew.

Gameplay Refinements: Doors and Sensors can be manned to increase effectiveness; you can now rename crew mid-game; each race has a small variety of colors which allows for easier visual recognition.

Faster Than Light: Advanced Edition is scheduled to release as a free update on PC in early 2014.