Metal Gear Survive: How To Unlock Subclasses | Post-Game Guide

Complete three post-game missions to unlock subclasses.

Metal Gear Survive doesn’t end after you complete the campaign — it’s just the beginning. Whether you actually want to go on that adventure is up to you, but there are some significant features in the post-game that are pretty easy to miss if you don’t complete certain objectives.

One of the best new features are the four subclasses. Your ‘main’ survivor class is considered your primary level, while the subclasses are special classes you can equip at any time in your subclass loadout menu. Subclasses add a powerful new skill, along with several slots for other equippable powers that enhance a variety of abilities. You’ll be able to become sneakier, a better shot, stronger in close-combat, or heal your allies. These powers are basically required for online co-op, and especially required if you want to take on the powerful optional bosses.

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How To Unlock Subclasses | Post-Game Guide

To start the true post-game section, you’ll need to complete a Wormhole Digger defense in the Base Camp. Simply start up the digger and begin defending. At this point, you can also assign soldiers to Base Defense.

Complete the Base Defense – try to stay until you earn an S-Rank to get the best possible rewards, including a Machine Gun Turret Recipe. The blue turret is an AI-controlled machine gun that automatically shoots enemies that get close, making it one of the most valuable weapons for future Base Defenses.

How To Unlock More Character Classes: In the post-game, you can finally unlock more character classes. To do that, go to the green SOS signal on your map and rescue the castaway. Teleport to Transporter 04 in the FOB map and search northeast in the jungle to recover the castaway.


On the path to the castaway, you’ll encounter new enemies – burning Wanderers that can’t be killed. You’ll also run into armored Wanderers that are especially difficult to kill. Don’t even try to fight these things yet. It’s easier to just run by them.

To actually unlock the new classes, you’ll need to access one more memory board. The last Memory Board is located in a small village north of Ruins 03 in the FOB map. Use the Walker Gear marker located at Ruins 03 to make your job a little easier.


  • Assault: Close-quarters combat specialist.
  • Jaeger: Marskman specialist.
  • Medic: First aid and support specialist.
  • Scout: Infiltration and maneavers specialist.

You can only have one sub class set at a time. After selecting a class, you’ll need to set skills in the sub class loadout – you won’t be able to use all skills in a sub class all at the same time. The only skills that don’t need to be added to the loadout are the stat boosts.