Moss: Forgotten Fragments Scrolls Locations | Collectibles Guide

There are two types of collectibles for Quill the mouse to collect in Moss — Relic Dust, and Forgotten Fragment scrolls. Relic Dust is all over the place, but Fragments are usually well-hidden in almost every page you’ll scroll through as the all-powerful storyteller.

With Quill’s help, it’s possible to collect a total of 31 Forgotten Fragment scrolls in the six chapters of Moss. These tiny scrolls might require extra exploration, or completing a bonus puzzle to reach. Finding them all is pretty tricky, and you’ll need all your powers as the omnipotent storyteller to find them. You’ll earn two trophies — ‘The Author’s Plan’ and ‘A Fragment of Fate’ for finding each last page.

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Forgotten Fragments Scrolls Locations | Collectibles Guide

Forgotten Fragments are little paper scrolls you can find in the environment. There are 31 total in the game. 

Chapter 1

  • Fragment #1: At the start of the game, found right on your path after climbing up the cliff.
  • Fragment #2: When you reach the wooden gate, stop at the stands and climb the rocks in the background. Climb and jump to reach the walkway at the top of the gate to find another scroll.
  • Fragment #3: In the village, jump past the waterwheel and look for the scroll on the platform above / left of the house door. Use the rooftop to reach it.

Chapter 2

  • Fragment #4: Right at the start of the chapter, go up the stairs to find the fragment near the bed.
  • Fragment #5: Leave the house and reach the wooden stairs scene. Go all the way up the stairs and circle around to the foreground-left corner of the scene to find a fragment in the dark corner of the fence walkway.
  • Fragment #6: Exit the gate and you’ll cross a balance beam to find a large axe. Look behind / just left of the axe.
  • Fragment #7: Jump across the stones to reach the opposite side of the water. Once you reach the ledge, cut through the grass in the background rock to find a secret path to a ledge with a fragment piece.
  • Fragment #8: In the area with the tree root and square stone platforms, jump up and around, then toward the foreground / left corner of the scene. Jump toward the screen to find this fragment on a platform.
  • Fragment #9: Here’s a tricky one. In the castle ruins environment, where you’ll need to move a statue, climb up to the ledge and shimmy left. When you drop down, hop to a hidden platform behind the stone stairs to find this fragment.
  • Fragment #10: Ahead, you’ll reach a stone bridge that leads to a small arena below. Before dropping down, circle around behind the bridge to find a hidden fragment.

Chapter 3

  • Fragment #11: At the start of the chapter, climb the stone pillars, run across the arch and hop to the platform on the right.
  • Fragment #12: In the room with the spear-holding statues, climb up to the exit door. Don’t leave yet! Move right and drop down to the high ledge, then continue to move right. In this small blind corner, there’s a hard-to-see fragment.
  • Fragment #13: In the next room, look behind the mouse statue to find a small hidden room.
  • Fragment #14: After completing an arena battle, jump up to the ledge on the right and follow the path to the dark alcove in the back-center of the room. Climb in to find a hidden fragment.
  • Fragment #15: In the puzzle room with the block and lever, destroy the stick near the entrance, then jump to a small hidden ledge to the left of the lever. It leads to a balcony with a fragment.
  • Fragment #16: At the outdoor puzzle room, get on top of the right moving block and ride it to the very top of the screen. There’s a tiny hole in the wall you can reach and jump through.
  • Fragment #17: Very will hidden fragment in the large chamber with two mouse statues flanking a small set of stairs. In the right-foreground, bend down to see a hidden fragment on a dark platform. Near the right door, jump to the hidden platform.
  • Fragment #18: Directly to the right of the entrance into the sandy room where shooting enemies appear, there’s an arch-shaped alcove filled with pots. After reaching the upper-middle platform, jump left to the alcove to get this fragment.
  • Fragment #19: This one is tricky. In the puzzle room with the spiral staircase in the center, do not kill the lower-left shooter bug. Instead, raise the right background block with the right switch, then jump onto the background blocks — take control of the shooter bug and shoot the left switch to ride the left block up to a fragment.


Chapter 4

  • Fragment #20: Reach the top of the mine room, and you’ll find lifts in the upper background area. Ride the first lift down to find a secret room containing this chapter’s first fragment scroll, visible behind a metal gate.
  • Fragment #21: After riding the elevator lift up, climb up onto the rocks to find a secret passage behind the elevator. It leads to a balcony with empty boxes and a fragment.

Chapter 5

  • Fragment #22: In the first room of the chapter, look behind the destroyed Sentry robot to the left of the path leading toward the background.
  • Fragment #23: Once you block the vision of the first sentry machine, look to the right of the exit door. There’s a alcove filled with boxes — and a fragment in the back of the room.
  • Fragment #24: In the room with the second sentry, reach the area behind the thorn patch on the right side of the scene. Rotate the metal walls to block the robot’s view.
  • Fragment #25: In the village square filled with chained doors and robot tentacles, climb up to the top floor of the ruined building on the right side of the scene.
  • Fragment #26: Once you reach the church, climb the stairs behind the button and look behind the altar.
  • Fragment #27: Outside the pub, there’s an archway path to the left of the entrance door that’s blocked by crates. Smash through these breakables to find a fragment.
  • Fragment #28: Inside the pub, reach the second floor and smash everything blocking the path to the back-left corner walkway.
  • Fragment #29: Up the stairs and to the large doors down the center of town square, find the scroll in the dark corner to the right of the open doors.

Chapter 6

  • Fragment #30: After encountering the snake, climb up the main path — look on the right side where you can barely see for a collectible.
  • Fragment #31: Leaving and reaching the exterior cliffs with tons of breakables, you’ll encounter a second enemy at a small jump. Instead of jumping across, drop down and move left to find a secret tunnel that leads to the last scroll.