Kirby Battle Royale: How To Unlock All Characters | Collectibles Guide

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Kirby Battle Royale is a brawler video game released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS under developers HAL Laboratory. Within the game, players will take control of Kirby as he battles against a fleet of other versions of himself along with other series enemies in a grand arena.

While there is a single-player story campaign that players can go through, Kirby Battle Royale also includes a cooperative gameplay mode along with multiplayer battle modes which are available both locally and online.

There are a number of game modes to choose from as well which offers a variety of gameplay when facing against other players.

Likewise, the video game does offer a number of characters to unlock throughout the campaign. If you’re looking to acquire a particular character within Kirby Battle Royale then take a look at our guide below. We’ve listed out all the available characters that are locked away along with what you’ll need to do in order to unlock them.

How To Unlock All Kirby Battle Royale Characters
  • Bandana Waddle DeeĀ 
    • Complete Silver League qualifier match within Cake Royale.
  • King Dedede
    • Defeat the end boss within the Cake Royale.
  • Meta Knight
    • Complete the Platinum League qualifier match within the Cake Royale.

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