Kirby Battle Royale: All Amiibo Unlocks | Amiibo Guide

Kirby Battle Royale is a brawler video game released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS under developers HAL Laboratory. Within the game, players will take control of Kirby as he battles against a fleet of other versions of himself along with other series enemies in a grand arena.

While there is a single-player story campaign that players can go through, Kirby Battle Royale also includes a cooperative gameplay mode along with multiplayer battle modes which are available both locally and online.

There are a number of game modes to choose from as well which offers a variety of gameplay when facing against other players.

Likewise, the video game does offer amiibo support that will unlock various gear to sport within the game. We’ve listed down below the amiibo available for the game along with what gear piece it will provide for the player.

Note: Variants of the various amiibo mentioned within the guide will unlock the equipment.

Kirby Amiibo

  • Ultra Sword Hat
    • A well-made replica of the hat that’s tied to a legendary planet-cleaving sword.

Qbby Amiibo

  • Qbby Cap
    • This mysterious headwear can supposedly bend boxes to its will.

Waddle Dee Amiibo

  • Café Cap
    • This cap is worn when working in a certain café Stylish!

King Dedede Amiibo

  • Masked Dedede Mask
    • This mask is said to contain mighty power. Looks seriously scary!

Meta Knight

  • Galacta Knight Mask
    • This headgear looks like a legendary warrior with powers of great destruction.

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