PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Free & Exclusive Skins List | Rare Items Guide

Skins aren’t really the reason anyone plays PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Skins, or rather, clothing you use to customize your character (which will quickly get covered up with armor, backpacks, and gear) are totally optional, but they’re also becoming increasingly important in the day-to-day ecosystem of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Thanks to a whole bunch of loot crates, there are lots of outfits you can unlock with real-life money. All clothing is purely cosmetic — it won’t help you earn those chicken dinners.

And a good thing it is cosmetic, because not all clothing options are created equal. Some very specific skins can only be unlocked with exclusive sign-ups or special limited-time only codes. To make sense out of this crazy world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds cosmetics, we’re going to keep a running list of every new code and exclusive you can earn in-game. Some of these may require real-world money, while others can be unlocked with alternative methods. We’ll detail all the different ways you can get outfits in the list below.

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Free & Exclusive Skin Codes List | Rare Guide

This list is for rare clothing you can earn through Steam and wear in-game, either through codes or exclusive offers.

  • NOTE: The developers of PUBG often work with disreputable websites. Be careful and always keep virus protection on before visiting / signing up for any of the following websites.


Exclusive Items – Still Available

The following items on the list are still available through sign-ups, offers, or codes.

  • Twitch Prime Set: Includes Baclava, Twitch Prime Shirt, Combat Pants, & Boots.
  • PUBG Partner Jacket: A custom gray jacket only available to official PUBG Partners.
  • PandaTV T-Shirt: A custom green shirt given to trusted PandaTV streamers. China Only.
  • Starter Set: Includes White Shirt, Grey Shirt, Utility Belt, Brown Combat Pants, Khaki Combat Pants, & Hi-Tops.
    • Added to the player’s Steam Inventory after creating your first custom character.

Exclusive Items – No Longer Available

The following items are no longer officially available, and may only be obtained through the Steam Marketplace or buying an old game key.

  • PlayerUnknown’s Set: Includes Bandana, Trenchcoat, Grey Shirt, Tan Jeans, & Red Hi-Tops.
    • Exclusive crate included with any pre-order of the deluxe PC edition.
  • Pioneer T-Shirt: ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ logo t-shirt.
    • Available to players that logged in during Early Access / one-week after launch.
  • T-Shirt: Limited edition Russian Navy shirt available to players that purchased PUBG on
  • DMM T-Shirt: Pre-order shirt available to players that purchased PUBG on

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