PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: 8 Best Loot Hunting Locations | Erangel

Survival in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about more than just careful play and accurate shooting — without loot, you’re a goner. Lots of loot can make your player character tough enough to survive a shoot-out, give you enough healing items to sprint through the shrinking blue circle, or drop your favorite guns that compliment your playstyle. Loot is what you want, and at the start of every game, you can choose which environments to explore first with the right timing.

Here, we’re going to recommend the best places to hunt for loot. Loot is completely random in every location, but some places are hotter than others — the more loot spawning spots (houses, containers, etc) that exist in a location, the more chances you’ll have to find a goldmine of gear. Of course, the best places to loot are also the most dangerous places to explore. You’ll have to stay on your toes to explore most of these areas. You’ll either leave with all the awesome loot in the world, or die trying.

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9 Best Loot Hunting Locations | Erangel

The Russian island of Erangel is home to many, many deadly locations. Usually the highest risk loot spots are death traps better avoided — we’ll list the best locations for looting from least dangerous to most dangerous. Of course, you can get killed anytime, anywhere in Erangel, but some places are deadlier than others. 



This strategic, simple town is full of houses to loot. If you’re lucky, this is the type of place that doesn’t normally attract too much attention — sometimes you’ll find only a few players dropping into Primorsk, rather than a dozen plus. There is plenty of cover to move from building to building, and you can also loot in the warehouses. Guns are very, very common here.


The town with the church on the hill is one deadly spot early in the game. Hideout in the church, then wait for the early-game rush to end and you can still loot a variety of good items. The town itself is compact, with tons of tight corners and alleys. That means you can avoid contact, but if you do get into contact, it’s going to be a kill-or-be-killed throwdown.


The school is located not-so-far from the town of Rozhok. Both are pretty good locations for loot, and both are going to get swarmed with players. It’s better to avoid the school completely (unless you want to get into a fun gunfight) and drop into Rozhok. There’s a guaranteed car spawn in the southeastern town garage, and the apartment buildings offer good weapons and high level armor. Escaping the school is a dangerous prospect.

Mylta Power Plant

The huge cooling towers mark Mylta Powerplant, one of the most valuable locations to loot on the island. It’s a large, open area surrounded by fence, and it tends to be a kill zone if you’re not careful — even if, it many’s experience, it isn’t a common starting point for most players. The area is large enough to make looting worthwhile, even for a full squad. If you’re solo, wait and scout the power plant. If it looks empty, it’s a great place to explore for high-level gear.

Vosnaya Polyana

A huge town, and one that’s perfect for grabbing quick loot if you’re ready for a fight. Check out the eastern edge of town and search the tall buildings for tons of loot drops. There are plenty of alleys and buildings for everyone to explore, so you can move around (mostly) undetected if you’re careful. The real downside to this area is the complete lack of vehicles. You’re more likely to get picked off somewhere outside the village while trying to reach the safe zone.


The eastern shipyard village is another high traffic location, but one that’s possible to infiltrate and survive early in your session. Drop into the stacks of containers and you can search for weapons in the open metal boxes. There are lots of tight, blind corners and clever players will stand on top of the containers — leaving themselves more exposed, but able to get the jump on loot hunters. The huge number of containers means you can easily ride out the opening wave, hiding inside without ever being spotted. This area also has a high concentration of boats and vehicles.


One of the largest cities on the map, with a river running straight through. This place is a death zone, and the large hospital is an easy way to identify the town from afar. If you’re planning on taking this centralized location, I recommend landing on the hospital roof, or landing on a house and working your way down. The hospital itself is a spotty loot location, but the southeast corner features containers, warehouses, and towers you can loot fast and get out.

Military Island

The jewel of the south, the Military Island area is a complete death trap from top-to-bottom. Without a vehicle to travel the long open flat distances between hangars and buildings, you’re dead meat. Snipers can pick you off from almost every direction, and players will often converge here. The flat land offers very little cover. At least the apartment buildings and bunkers usually offer Level 3 loot right off the bat — if only escape was easy. The bridges are death traps too, and it’s pretty likely you’ll need to cross them as the dead zone shrinks.