PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One Preview First Impressions: Fun Port of PUGB, But Filled With Disappointing Compromises

Game: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Xbox One)

Publisher: PUBG Corporation

Developer:  PUBG Corporation

Reviewed: Xbox One

PlayerUnknow’s Battleground has become a hit phenomenon ever since its early access release earlier this year. The game has gone on to sell some crazy amounts of units and has really no plan on slowing down anytime soon. To make things clear, this was the first early access game to get nominated for Game of the Year at The Game Awards. There is obviously something good PUGB Corporation is doing; but how does it hold up on its console debut? Let’s find out.

First off, PUGB is still loads of fun to play on the Xbox One; it comes packed with an endless amount of replayability and a constant amount of adrenaline to keep you going. However, sadly that is all it has going for itself. The game was most certainly developed for PC and even on the master race PC it runs bad, so you can imagine how the game holds up on an Xbox One.

The developers did do a good job at bringing over the entire PC experience for the game to Xbox One. I expected the controls to be wonky, but surprisingly after a couple of matches, you get used to them and they are easy to learn. I tip my hat to the developers as it was probably no easy feat to accomplish, as the PC version runs fluently thanks to the mouse and keyboard control scheme.

Console players are used to a locked 30 frames per second experience, however, when you start PUGB on the Xbox One, the game can easily reach the single digits which can make it jarring to look at and incomprehensible on why you just spend $30 dollars on the game. Lobbying up and the parachuting sequences are the biggest offenders, after dropping into the world though, the game gets substantially better.

It stays within the 20 to 30 fps and for the most part and is still playable.  It’s just hard to advocate to pick up this game at this state due to its obvious early preview problems. If you have an Xbox One X, you should expect the game to run a little better than it does than on the original Xbox One platform. Thankfully, Digital Foundry made an in-depth analysis of the game on the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC. Check it out down below:

As you can tell from the analysis from above, the game is in a rough state in the texture and draw distance department. They also have another in-depth analysis of the games frame rate test. You can watch that video right here.

I’m linking to Digital Foundry because when you actually see the problems up close it gives you more of an understanding of the games current state. I thought it would run better, but I was shocked for quite a while after initially booting up the game for the first time. However, like I mentioned before, after realizing how the game runs on a console and accepted its terms, the game was still loads of fun to play.

Looting guns, armor, bandages and much more still has a tense feeling as you never know who is going to sneak up behind you and end the match for you. PUGB on the Xbox One is still very fun to play whether it’s in solo, duo or squad; all of which seemed to work smoothly.

PlayerUnknow’s Battleground port to the Xbox One is a great attempt at what could have been for console users. However, due to its choppy frame rate, muddled textures, and extremely short draw distance the game is not optimized for the player who is willing to spend $30 dollars on the game. It keeps the PUGB spirit alive with its unique gameplay and adrenaline filled matches, however, the state the game is currently in I can’t suggest you to pay full price for it.

I would suggest holding off on picking it up until some updates are made. I would sooner point you in the direction of the PC version of the game as that is where the game is mostly optimized. Early access means the game will be constantly improving so stick with Gameranx for all the latest news and updates for the game.

Did you pick up PUGB on the Xbox One yet? Planning on skipping it? How is your experience so far? Let us know as we are always interested to hear what you are thinking!

Full Disclosure: A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for purposes of this review.