PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: How To Improve FPS on Xbox One & Xbox One X


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest exclusives for Xbox One in 2017, and the 1-vs-100 battle royale is a massive hit on console — such a big hit, it’s hard for newbies and veterans alike to get over some of the annoying issues that plague the (current) version of the game. While all the standard problems porting a high-end PC game down to consoles exist here; lower resolution, less detail, more pop-in, the only truly game-breaking problem can be the frame rate.

Players are reporting unstable and aggravating frame rate, even on Xbox One X. The game naturally runs at 30 FPS across the board on the Xbox One family of consoles, but we’d hardly call that a stable 30. Hiccups, hitches, and slowdown are common, but some fans have found a way to improve performance on the Xbox One X, even before frame rate addressing patches are released.

How To Improve FPS on Xbox One & Xbox One X


Fans are claiming you don’t have to live with a spotty frame rate — that there may be a way to improve stability and keep the frame rate humming at a stable 30 FPS. We haven’t be able to verify this independently, but enough people are reporting this little trick that it’s probably worth a shot.

  • How to Improve FPS: Disable Game Capture

Game Capture is the function that records gameplay footage while you play, allowing you to instantly capture a few minutes of footage and share online. According to some, this background process is affecting the in-game FPS, and should be disabled pronto.

  • How to Disable Game Capture:
    1. From the Main Menu, go to Settings
    2. Settings -> Preferences -> Broadcast and Capture
    3. Select “Allow Broadcast and Capture” and turn this setting off.

Doing this will disable your ability to take screenshots or upload clips using the onboard Xbox One capture features. Obviously, you can still capture footage through other means. Enough people say this is working great, so it might be worth giving this trick a try before diving back into another online gunfight.

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