PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: How to Improve FPS | PC Optimization Guide

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a technically demanding game — anyone that owns the newly released full PC version is well aware of that fact. If you don’t have a monster computer, you’ll have to tweak your settings to oblivion and back to get a stable framerate.

There’s more than one way to make your in-game experience in PUBG better. Here, we’ve compiled a giant list of tweaks, adjustments, alterations and fixes that will unlock the power of your PC and improve performance in PUBG. This is all about enhancing performance without changing your in-game settings — these are the best tips and tricks to optimize PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC.

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How to Improve FPS | PC Optimization Guide

Before delving into the nitty-gritty details, there are a few simple steps you should always do when trying to improve performance on PC.

The Basics – Updating Drivers & Simple Settings

Before doing anything, you can significantly improve performance by updating your video card drivers. For example, Nvidia releases drivers specifically designed to improve performance for specific games — including PUBG.

  • Download Nvidia Drivers here: Nvidia
  • Download AMD Drivers here: AMD

Another issue the crops up in PUBG — framerate drops that don’t seem to have any specific cause. If you’re experiencing random FPS drops, it’s recommended that you download the latest version of Visual C++.

Finally, if you’re using a laptop, check your Power Options. Search for it in the Start Menu or right-click the battery icon. Make sure your Power Options are set to High Performance while you’re playing PUBG.


Nvidia Settings – Improving Your Settings

Nvidia Global Settings may cause drops in FPS. You’ll want to tweak your PUBG settings in the Nvidia Control Panel for the best possible performance.

  • How To Tweak Nvidia Settings:
    • Open the 3D Settings tab, then find “Use Image Settings With Preview” and set your preferences to Performance.
    • Under Configure Surround, PhysX, you’ll want to set your current video card. Replace “Auto Select” with your video card.
    • Next, open the Manage 3D Settings tab, and go to Program Settings. Select PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and tweak the settings.
      • Turn off all settings that use global settings.
        • CUDA – GPUs – Set to Use Global Settings (All)
        • Shader Cache – Set to Use Global Settings (On)
      • Set Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance.
      • Under Antialiasing Mode set to Enhance the Application Settings.
      • Under Texture filtering – Anisoptropic sample etc. set to Off.
      • Under Texture filtering – Quality set to High Performance.
      • Under Vertical Sync set to Off.

Those aren’t the only Nvidia settings we can tweak. You can also change launch options to use all available CUDA Cores.

  • Under Launch Options, copy / paste this line.

Windows 10 – Tweaking Settings, Disabling Services & Unlocking Processors

There are lots of ways you can lighten the load on Windows 10 and make your computer run quicker.

First off, you can disable or set to manual many programs that run in the background without effecting Windows 10. Find instructions and a list of programs you can safely disable here.

  • Disable DPI Scaling Behavior
    • Go to your PUBG installation folder and right-click tslgame.exe
      • Go to steamapps/common/PUBG/TslGame/Binaries/Win64
    • Go to the Compatibility Tab and under Settings, check the box that reads “Override high DPI scaling behavior.

By default, Windows 10 won’t always use all of its processors. This may be considered overclocking your system, and making any changes may lead to crashes or problems down the line, so use the following tricks at your own risk.

  • Setting Processors to Maximum
    • Press [Windows Button + R] and enter msconfig
    • Open Boot -> Advanced Options
    • Select “Number of Processors” -> Set to “Maximum Number Of Your Processors”

You can also improve performance by checking No GUI Boot while altering msconfig.

  • Disabling SuperFetch on Windows 10
    • Press [Windows Button + R] and enter services.msc
    • In the services window, find SuperFetch -> right-click and select Properties.
    • Select “Stop” or “Disabled” under Startup Type.

SuperFetch is a program designed to preload applications you typically run. That means it may slowdown a current process to preload a future process the program believes you typically use in your daily routine. Disabling it won’t effect anything, but it may unlock some FPS.

And that’s all the tips and tricks we’ve got so far! These tips should work for any game in your library — and if PUBG is still running slow, try lowering some of the settings until you’ve found a good balance between graphical clarity and FPS. Seeing as this is an online shooter, it’s probably best to focus on performance. Not that we’ll judge you one way or the other.