Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – How To Collect Fruit | Collectibles Guide

Animal Crossing has been an iconic franchise for decades now. Gamers really enjoy Nintendo’s simulation video game where player build up a town and manage the residences who live within it. Over the past couple years, Nintendo has been working on their mobile division and breaching into the smartphone and tablet marketplace.

Developed by Nintendo and alongside DeNa, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launched on both Apple iOS and Android, November 22, 2017. This is a free-to-play video game application that requires an internet connection in order to play. Much of the core gameplay is intact with this latest installment, however, the main goal is managing a campsite.

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In this particular guide, we’re going to offer some help on how to collect fruit within the game.



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Fruit is a used to complete quests and can also be given to other NPCs within the game. By doing so, you’re friendship with that person will grow. However, fruit is a bit difficult to come by unlike bugs and fish.

You should make an effort to collect fruit when possible as once you gain a piece a fruit, the tree you claimed it from will not produce another piece of fruit for three hours.

How To Collect Fruit

Step #1

  • Fruit are mostly found in trees. You must shake the tree in order for a piece of fruit to fall out.

Step #2

  • You will not be able to claim another piece of fruit from that tree until three hours later.

Note: Fruit can also be found within the market boxes or you can sell fruit within the market as well.

Fruit 101 Breakdown
  • Apple
    • Breezy Hollow
    • Lost Lure Creek
  • Cherry
    • Breezy Hollow
    • Lost Lure Creek
  • Coconut
    • Saltwater Shores
    • Sunburst Island
  • Orange
    • Breezy Hollow
    • Lost Lure Creek
  • Peach
    • Breezy Hollow
    • Lost Lure Creek
  • Pear
    • Breezy Hollow
    • Lost Lure Creek

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